— October 24, 2014 —

Paris Fashion Week SS15: Snapshots at Richard Nicoll


Richard Nicoll collaborated with Disney's Tinkerbell for Spring/Summer 2015 on a collection that was positively fairytale-like and fit for - who else - Tinkerbell herself.


Dreamy draped pieces paired with a twinkling Swarovski-studded cropped top--a look straight off of Richard Nicoll's Spring/Summer 2015 runway.  This sparkling cropped top could easily become a summer must-have, the perfect layering piece.


Speaking of the perfect layering piece, here's the same Swarovski encrusted cropped top in a sporty heather grey, layered under a utilitarian style jumpsuit with zippers in the back to expose some interesting undergarments; a great way to add a touch of femininity to an androgynous piece.


Tinkerbell herself made a quite literal appearance hanging off of these pretty pastel waist bags.  This season, Richard Nicoll partnered up with iconic sportswear label Sweaty Betty to create a line of seriously fashionable sportswear that can easily be worn both during and after a work-out.


Gingham was another strong motif in the Richard Nicoll collection this season.  Nicoll used the fabric due to its quintessentially summery aesthetic, but applied it to unexpected pieces such as jumpsuits and tailored short suits.


We love the little details visible through Nicoll's collections, such as this micro gingham trim on the sleeve of this gingham jacket.


There's no denying that Tinkerbell herself would love this little dress for summer!


We also so lots of drapery and metallic accents this season at Richard Nicoll.  The drapery was a nice way to give the collection a soft, dreamlike quality, while metallic remained a strong trend for the SS15 season.


We could easily see a pair of these metallic slides becoming our go-to pair of summer shoes.


Finally, Richard created these unique pieces of jewellery based on the idea of taking an every day object such as your earphones and giving them a fantastical quality by turning them into gold-dipped, crystal-embellished jewels.  Genius!

— October 23, 2014 —

Paris Fashion Week SS15: D.EFECT at Tranoi

It's always such a great treat to catch up with the D.EFECT girls in Paris.  This season, they were showing at Tranoi Bourse with a collection that we could practically see ourselves wearing every day.  All of it.  Known for their easy-chic style that is not at all ruled by trends, some of our favourite timeless wardrobe staples are from D.EFECT.  Hailing from Lithuania, the brand has expanded beyond their initial concept of being purely a coat specialist into a full-fledged ready-to-wear line.  They are arguably the most successful fashion label to come out of Lithuania, and are now stocked in 20 countries worldwide.  The collection this season was comprised of a gorgeous summer colour palette of pale blue, pure white, dove grey and light pink, with a smattering of black in there ("There's always black, we love black!" they say).  Though D.EFECT's designer Egle Ziemyte was not in Paris this season, due to the fact that she is currently pregnant with her second child, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ausra Prasauskaite, their Sales & Communication Manager, on a gorgeous warm autumn afternoon in Paris, to pick her brain about the label's Spring/Summer 2015 collection.  Find out more below!


What was the inspiration behind this collection?

This collection has two basic inspiration.  One is childhood and childhood games.  The other one is architecture.  It's a long story, but our designer has always been inspired by architecture and you can see that in every collection; it's all quite architectural shapes.  So, in the coats, you can see some very fluid ones in the silk, but there are also ones, like the pink one, that has more shape and structure.  She has always loved architecture, so there's always an element of that in the collections.  The other one was childhood, because she is now pregnant again and her first daughter is now 2-and-a-half years old, so her life is her baby, her family, and D.EFECT.  There is a print in the collection that is inspired by a child making art by splashing paint.  And the fringe details in the collection was actually inspired by a rocking horse's mane.  The idea behind D.Efect is always about the beauty in imperfection and contrasts.  It's always in every single collection; it might be very feminine shapes in very unfeminine fabrics or the other way around.  And so here we've got childhood and we've got architecture, which is a very grown up thing.


The colours in the collection are beautiful.  How did the colour development come about?

With the colours, there's not that much of a story, but because it's a Spring/Sumer 2015 collection, so she wanted to lighter colours.  But of course, there's always black, we love black!  The colour palette is white, blues, greys and black with a little bit of pink and a tiny splash of print.

I have been seeing a lot of white at the shows this season.

I feel like everyone just loves white for the summer, because it just feels nice,  but the fact that you've been seeing white at other shows doesn't mean that we do white because we saw it on WGSN or a trend book.  We look at that, but we don't follow that.  This brand is really not about following trends.  As you can see, all the styles, we are quite timeless and so we just are creating things that you can wear.  We are hoping that people will  buy these things, they will love these things and they will wear them, it doesn't matter what the season.


What's summer like in Lithuania?  Tell us, we don't know!

It's very hot.  The year, in Lithuania, is full of contrasts as well, because summer is hot, it's 30-degrees and it's really hot, but it's freezing in the winter, -25!  I find it very funny, but men actually have frost on their face, on their beards.  It's not the whole winter that's like that, but maybe that's explaining why we have to do those really good coats!  And even if it's summer, it's still in our DNA.  Lithuania is really small, so from one side of the country to the other would be, I don't know, 400km, maybe?  And it's just 3 million people.  But we've got a really nice beach.  I have not been to any of the world's most beautiful beaches like in the Seychelles or Bali, but personally I think we've got the nicest beach in the world!  In the summer people love to the go the beach and the lakes, it's not so hard to escape the city.  We are very relaxed.


So how does D.EFECT fit into that relaxed Lithuanian mentality?

I was never thinking about this before, but we are not coming from a country where you have a very sophisticated lifestyle.  We're much more relaxed.  I guess that's what's reflected in the collection, as well.  It's the culture that we've got.

What's the fashion scene like in Lithuania?

Thinking about other Lithuanian fashion brands, we're doing really well.  We are stocked in 49 boutiques now and we are in 20 countries.   But, you know, Lithuania is not a 'fashion' country at all.  There's aren't too many other Lithuanian brands.


Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

I have a favourite 50 pieces from the collection.  The collection I think has 58 pieces.  So the other 8 I quite like a lot, but I have 50 favourite pieces!

Coming back to the paint splash print, was that print actually created from something that the designer's daughter painted?

Yes, it was actually created by her little daughter – she used details from her first paintings to print on the clothing!


— October 23, 2014 —

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newsflash: Mr. Quiffy arrives in hong kong


You might have heard about the latest addition to the iconic Mr Men Little Miss gang, Mr. Quiffy in a press release we sent out last month.  A 14 piece collection which encompasses; appliqué badge bombers, jeans & jumpsuit, dresses, knits, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, clutches and accessories in both women’s and kids’ sizes, reflecting House of Holland’s playful style.




Mr. Quiffy himself joined Henry Holland on a tour of London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai & Melbourne to launch the collection in person. And today he's in Hong Kong! Henry will meet the press in IT Kingston Store (2 Kingston St., Causeway Bay) for interviews. A cocktail party has been arranged for IT's VIPs at 6pm. Check out some photos from Henry Holland's Shanghai launch just a few days ago.


Interview_with magazine 1626_2 Interview_with magazine 1626_3  Interview_with magazine Femina_2  Interview_with magazine Milk   Interview_with magazine The Bund_3 Interview_with magazine YOHO! Girl_1  focal point_accessories_1 focal point_accessories_2 focal point_collection_1 focal point_collection_2  Henry_backdrop_shanghai_2 Henry_backdrop_shanghai_3

— October 22, 2014 —

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Designer in town: Marc Freeman

We've dropped a hint on our instagram page that we're up to something exciting in D- mop Central this coming Friday. It's time to reveal that Electricsekki welcomes Marc Freeman of the label Camilla and Marc in Hong Kong today for a series of meetings, store visits and dinners over the next 2 days.


Since its high-profile launch at Australian Fashion Week in 2003, CAMILLA AND MARC has become the local star in luxury womenswear. Brother-sister duo Camilla Freeman Topper and Marc Freeman have identified and established a sophisticated tone that reflects the ease of the Australian lifestyle, allowing them to build a brand ethos that is at once contemporary and effortlessly elegant.


On Friday October 24, press from top publications will have an opportunity to interview Marc in D-Mop Central. The venue is now displaying looks from AW14, AW15 and some exciting previews from Resort 15, there will also be a model to showcase some of the looks for photographing dolled up by D-mop Beauty.

Here are a few behind the scenes snaps...with our CEO, Amiee Wills in action.




Follow our instagram page for live postings on Marc Freeman's HK activities  and an exclusive interview coming up!

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