— August 21, 2014 —

newsflash - No. 31 & No. 57

It is one of those in-between-season moments when most of us are a bit sick and tired of our summer wardrobe yet it's still too hot to wear any of our new fall/winter purchases.  Not like we ever need a reason to shop but this is indeed the best time to turn to fragrance shopping because if one can't start wearing new clothes, one can certainly start wearing a new scent just to get into the spirit.  And J.Crew's launch of its first fragrance collaboration is exactly what we want to hear!


Titled No. 31 and No. 57, the 2 new fragrances in collaboration with Carlos Huber, Founder of Arquiste Parfumeur, were created to capture the essence of the artistic scene of 1940s New York.   Let's hear if from  J. Crew's Creative Director, Jenna Lyons, (in her recent interview with Into The Gloss):

"He (Carlos Huber) referenced Peggy Guggenheim for inspiration, who years ago had done a women’s art opening on 57th Street.  She had her own gallery made completely out of wood, which was unusual because now if you think about a gallery you think about a white box. Instead, it was this warm, womb-like structure—absolutely stunning. So the fragrances' inspiration focused on that night at the gallery opening. That’s where the numbers for the fragrances come from—it was 31 artists on 57th street.

Inspiration aside, let's have a look at the key notes and composition of the 2 scents.  No. 31 evokes the bold perfumes worn by some of the artists and captures the essence and excitement of the crowd at the gallery—red vermouth, Bulgarian rose and patchouli—while No. 57 channels the aromatic cocktails and curved oak walls of the gallery - aged whiskey, cedarwood and oakwood combined with cinnamon bark, labdanum and vanilla beans. Sounds pretty good to us, what do you think?

No. 31 and No. 57 are now available at J.Crew's store at ifc mall, Hong Kong. Happy shopping!

jenna-lyons-jcrew-201-613x408jenna-lyons-jcrew-8-613x408(Photos from Into The Gloss)

— August 19, 2014 —

Best Bet - Genie Juicery

One of our favourite shopping destinations in Hong Kong, ifc mall, has become even more exciting with the addition of Genie Juicery, a juice bar founded by celebrity model slash TV host, Cara G Mcilroy, and her best friend, Melanie White, with an aim to promote their shared passion for healthy living.  With 26 different juices, smoothies, nut milks and protein shakes as well as a range of healthy snacks on offer, the new Genie Juicery has become a hot spot for those looking for a convenient detox solution to give their busy lifestyle a much needed healthy boost.

We chatted with co-founder, Cara G, to get the scoop on the benefits of juicing and a few tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Melanie and Cara are the perfect ambassadors for Genie Juicery.  Look at their glowing skin and naturally beautiful aura!

ES:  Many people turn to juicing as a slimming solution, what's your thoughts with regards?

Cara:  At Genie Juicery, we don’t like to promote juicing as a slimming solution. Cleansing is a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle or get you back on track after an indulgent period. Of course all of our juices are packed full of fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables, making them a better alternative to drinks found on most shelves in Hong Kong.

A healthy metabolism is key to slimming down.  Our electrolyte drink – Pink Panther -  is the perfect hydrating drink for summer.  Its low in calories and gets your metabolism pumping.


From Left: PINK PANTHER- low calorie drink perfect for summer, BO-YO - super good smoothie, GEISHA - nut milk with matcha green tea powder and chia seeds, ORANG UTAN - orange and carrot juice with a kick

ES:  What are some of the most popular juices from the menu?

Cara:  BO-YO – a super food smoothie. It's full of antioxidants and the coconut water is great for electrolyte balance. A great breakfast alternative as its filling and easy to grab and go.  GEISHA– our nut milk with matcha green tea powder and chia seeds. It is our version of bubble tea! We use teapigs green tea – the best on the market; Matcha equals to 10 cups of green tea which helps boost metabolism and burns fat! ORANG UTAN – our orange and carrot juice with a little turmeric kick! Turmeric reduces the risk of cancer; it is also a strong anti-inflammatory and aids in liver detoxification. Orange lowers blood pressure and is a disease fighting antioxidant. And finally carrot is great for vision and helps those with unfavourable skins problems.


ES: Fashion week is fast approaching which means a lot of us in the industry will be on the road for weeks and will need to stay focused and energized.  Can you offer us some tips on how to keep to a clean diet while travelling?  Is there specific food that will help keep us energized while on the road?

Cara:  It's not always easy to eat well whilst travelling which is why it is always important to be prepared before you leave! Stock up on healthy snacks that you can reach for as a healthy alternative. Trying to eat real, wholesome foods as much as possible is a must. Supplements are also a great addition to your travel bag. We have our own range in our ifc store now and they are great for adding to your morning green juice or water!

ES:  What are some of the most common bad eating/lifestyle habits you have noticed in Hong Kong?  How can a juice cleanse help rectify these bad habits?

Cara: The general Hong Kong population lead a fast and hectic lifestyle, which in turn, can lead to poor food and health choices. Sitting down for a home cooked meal is rare. We live in a culture of eating out which means overly processed foods sneak into our diets. Australians (both Cara and Melanie were born and raised down under and now call Hong Kong home) lead a more laid back lifestyle. They take the time to buy fresh produce and enjoy the act of cooking at home and sitting down to a family meal. Eating out is saved for special occasions.

Juices cleansing can help eliminate toxins that accumulate through processed foods, pollutants and other environmental factors. Our bodies rarely get the opportunity to fully detox so cleansing helps give your digestive system a rest and allows your body to detox as it is designed to do!


— August 12, 2014 —

Style Jam - Eugenie Grey x Natalie Liao

It's been a while since our last Style Jam feature and we are glad to bring it back with 2 passionate fashionista and style bloggers - Eugenie Grey and Natalie Liao - who paid us a visit recently.

As first-time visitors to Hong Kong, the incredibly stylish duo have certainly maximize their week-long stay by exploring all corners of the city; from the staying at some of the best hotels (Grand Hyatt, Lanson Place, W) to shopping in Mongkok to authentic a local meal in the wet market right through to a fun day at Disneyland and biking in Cheung Chau island!  We wouldn't expect anything less from these two stylish and adventurous wanderlusts. Their varied experience in just a week is enough to put a lot of us HK locals to shame (when was the last time you've gone to Cheung Chau? Or dine at a wet market?)

Join us behind the scene with Eugenie and Natalie at our Style Jam session and learn more about their fabulous tour in Hong Kong!

photo 3

photo 6

photo 23

photo 10
On Eugenie: Ellery cap sleeve shirt with sass & bide skirt with side and back slits
On Natalie: C&M tone-on-tone animal print top with D.EFECT leather skirt

ES: Tell us about the look.

Eugenie: I was inspired by the aesthetic of the Electric sekki showroom itself. It was really clean, minimal, and had natural touches, like the wood blocks. I wanted to evoke similar vibes.

Natalie: As per usual, I was drawn to the black and white pieces. One thing I appreciate about Hong Kong is the stark contrast between its lush greenery and concrete skyscrapers. I wanted to bring out the same vibe by wearing a modern and minimal outfit against the plants on the patio at Electric Sekki.

ES: How would you sum up your Hong Kong experience?

Eugenie: Finding my place. HK was full of new experiences, people, work, and connections, and it took this vacation to the other side of the world to discover new things about myself.

Natalie:  Falling in love. Everything about Hong Kong, from it being a bustling city, to the sights and the people as a whole, was amazing. It was an eye-opening experience.

ES: What do you miss most about Hong Kong?

Eugenie: The people. We bonded with and created a nuclear family of sorts with a group of kindred spirits and we're so thankful to have made such amazing friends.

Natalie: Definitely the people. Everyone that we connected with during this brief stay in Hong Kong is what made this trip unforgettable. There was a sense of belonging.

Sounds like there are enough reasons for them to visit us again!

— August 11, 2014 —

Superga x Mariano Di Vaio

Here's some major eye candy to start off the week! Check out the latest behind-the-scene video from Superga featuring the sizzling hot Italian model slash blogger sensation Mariano Di Vaio demonstrating true "Italianism"  - defined by Superga as "classic but at the same time trendy".

While we are looking forward to seeing the final photographs we are quite happy with what we're seeing so far with the behind-the-scene footage, what say you?


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