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Get To Know: Zoë Jordan Autum/ Winter '16, "Off Road"

Zoë Jordan is all about boyish elegance.  Empowering women with hard wearing separates that they can wear season after season, staying true to the wardrobe building aspect of her collections. We caught up with the designer in the Electric sekki Showroom during Paris Fashion Week and we got to know more about the Autumn Winter Collection: "Off Road" .


Off Road hails from a photography trip to the Maasai Mara, the work of Peter Beard and the journey of motorcycle tribes. These influences translate into a collection steeped in rich history and mechanics, modernized, simplified, and made urban.


"The idea for this collection was to bring the nature an exploit of an African road adventure to the city" says Jordan, "respecting the need for practicality and mixing elegance and tough motorcycle elements."



ES: Describe the Zoë Jordan woman...

ZJ: "This woman, she is strong and equally comfortable in male or female company. I often describe her as the boy's bestfriend and the woman's confidante. She has the respect of both sides and she is comfortable. She's a city girl but she's international as well, she's traveling."




Jordan again plays with proportions to affect a confident, often androgynous shape.



ES: You lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years, tell us what your observations are.

ZJ: " I picked up a lot more about style, colors and shapes they like. The challenge was getting the fabric right while keeping the structure. We now have more petite shapes, can be sexy but not showing too much skin. I noticed that the market is very mixed. There's daytime casual, but there are certain pockets where people dress up everyday. Sometimes it's very hot outside but then there's the airconditioning inside to consider, so people wear extra layers- practical. "


ES: What were your favourite things to do in Hong Kong?

ZJ: "I lived in Stanley and enjoyed strolling around the market. Dragon's back, Shek O. I had friends who lived in Lantau- that was fun. Kowloon side- I like the flower/ fish market. I love that kind of buzz and deep kind of cultures in there. There's this place where you get your eyelashes done, and I miss the footrubs! All new experiences. "

ZJ Portrait




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