— May 14, 2015 —

Who Else is Battling It Out at Secret Walls x Havaianas?

We're all getting pumped up for Secret Walls x Havaianas First Qualifying Battle. As promised, here's the other half of the stellar roster of artists lined up to battle in Hong Kong's live art scene on May 15, Friday ( so excited...just 1 more sleep!)  in Backstage.

BAO is a self-taught artist based in Hong Kong, who works with illustration and mural art.

Bao 2

AMT -Born in Sydney, grew up in Hong Kong and went to school in the United Kingdom.

"My work shows a mix between east and west. They are highly inspired by Asian culture and traditional art and are executed in a more contemporary sense. They are often hard to read and intricate that allows audiences to find their own ways of interpreting the imageries."


Stern Rockwell - born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Stern was inspired to pursue art after seeing graffiti on the trains of New York City, and his practice now includes this inspiration in his drawings and canvases.


Stern Rockwell 3

Stern has become known for his numerous characterizations of people, places and things. He has devoted himself to representing people, expressions, emotions and lifestyles using a variety of different mediums. Often his work allows poetic bursts that reflect the artworks mood. Stern explains, “I want people to recognize themselves, friends, strangers, and objects that they see in everyday life, and allow them a chance to have an old or new experience.”

VERYMASA - is a covert ninja based in Hong Kong. Weapons of choice includes markers, stickers, spray paints, and sometimes nunchucks"



Now you know the artists, knowing the pairings will be even more exciting.

Battle pairings have been picked out of a hat...and here it is:

Jay Pelmet vs VERYMASA
Bao vs Felipe Wong
Szabotage vs AMT...
Stern Rockwell vs FoxyRoxy

We recommend: Skip the hassle and buy your tickets  before going! Click here.

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