— April 1, 2015 —

Spotlight On: Models are perfect. Or are they?

Makeup, Photoshop, instagram filters- we all know by now that we are continuously presented a beautified version of a person (including ourselves!). For a little (48,000 You Tube views!) experiment, the exceptional and unconventional clothing brand D.EFECT decided to put models in the spotlight and ask a simple question – what imperfections do they have?

This is the result:

According to the brand, the video might provoke the reaction " Oh, but they are still beautiful." or even " How dare they complain!".

"It says a lot about the state we're in, if even the girls who we consider to be the reason why women constantly feel insecure about themselves, can't stop listing their imperfections. They do not feel like models in ads at all. Because no one does. And that is the whole point of the campaign, which states that you are beautiful precisely because you are imperfect. Difference is the source of the beauty, not the pre-supposed media standard. D.EFECT hopes that is a tiny drop of comfort for all us, even if for a few minutes (or days!) and a kind reminder that the beautiful is never regular."

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D.EFECT was founded in 2009 and is run by Creative Director Egle Ziemyte, a designer who has based her ideas on the notion of "the beauty of imperfection". D.EFECT creates contemporary collections for women who can stand out by their sheer personality and who despise uniforms.

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