— January 20, 2015 —

New Year, New Imperfections?


Hope everyone's having a great start to 2015! For the new year, did you have a look back on 2014 and saw irregularities, errors and contradictions. Imperfections? Of course we all did! But all that just made the ride more enjoyable, interesting, and real!


"There are few things in a designer's career that are as exciting as revealing the new collection to your fans. By now you probably have seen some sneak peeks here and there..." was the introduction to D.Efect 's SS15 and we find it just fitting to feature this collection on the blog today. Well, it's a new year and what is more fun than to set realistic goals for oneself and expecting bumps along the road? There is beauty in imperfection, after all. Take a look at these pieces we picked from the latest D.Efect collection, and see what we mean:


D.Efect brand is based on the notion of the beauty of imperfection, of wondering and being struck by things which are beautiful, but have soul, designs which are strict, clear, geometrical, but have lively ambience to them.


D.Efect is a contemporary luxury clothing brand for women who can stand out by their sheer personality and who despise uniforms.



"My collections are sculpture like, full of contrasts, oversized forms, male silhouettes adapted to female forms. I started using mainly subdued colors mixed with a few brighter ones. I love to contrast classic fabrics with innovative, interesting, outstanding ones. Adding unconventional elements or picking the details which are slightly outlandish”, - D.Efect creative director Egle Ziemyte.



So go on and have a great 2015! At the end of the day (or year), you'll be you and that's beautiful.