— December 15, 2014 —


Christmas Wishlist: Sophie Birgitt's Spangled Angles

It's only a few more days 'til Christmas, some of us are still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift…and many of us are wishing! Here's a gift idea your special one will love: Sophie Birgitt Jewellery. It's new, modern, and sophisticated. Sophie Birgitt is the 4th generation designer of a Belgian family steeped in modern design history. She has lived in Belgium, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City and now Hong Kong.


The inspiration for the brand comes from Sophie Birgitt’s European background and cultural sophistication blended with an Asian lifestyle. Her source of creativity is the modern architecture of her favourite cities with a focus on her adopted home of Hong Kong. Constant inspiration is drawn from her eclectic urban lifestyle, which is reflected in each piece. The designer mixes strong-and-edgy with delicate-and-feminine aesthetics by playing these contrasts against one another. The woman who wears Sophie Birgitt Jewellery is in search of unique, luxurious, one of-a-kind-pieces of jewellery that embrace simplicity and sophistication but yet maintain their sense of timelessness. Look at this beautiful ring below in chocolate diamonds and 18k gold:


The designer collection features architecturally inspired rings and earrings that are contemporary and structural yet incredibly sensual. Each piece of jewellery is an original work of art handmade by Sophie Birgitt in her studio and crafted from precious metals such as 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold. This ring below in black rhodium plated gold and black diamonds is a statement your special one would love to make:


Each piece is handmade and crafted to perfection with the utmost care, expertise and dedication. Just look at this totally kinetic masterpiece in yellow gold and diamonds:



She will definitely get the message with this "Between the Lines" ring:


The sensuous touch of ancient craftsmanship and the unique soul of every artefact are embedded in every piece of jewellery. This skinny prism is also an ideal gift:


…or enjoy the sunrise by midnight with this character-driven masterpiece infused with love and passion:


Sophie Birgitt’s respect for nature and our planet translates in a responsible sourcing process that is straightforward, eliminating as many pollutants as possible and choosing sustainable raw materials. This philosophy allows ethics to meet aesthetics, ensuring the emotional value of each piece of jewellery is supported by a transparent and ethical supply chain. See more of Sophie Birgitt's fine jewellery in her website for more gift ideas: