— October 9, 2014 —

Paris Fashion Week SS15: A Chat at House of Holland

It's always fun popping by the House of Holland showroom during Paris Fashion Week.  The House of Holland team and the vibrant clothing from the label are always a refreshing kick to our systems, leaving us with a huge smile on our faces.  This season, in particular, really hit a sweet spot.  With 60's and 70's silhousttes coming back in a huge way on so many catwalks this season, House of Holland boldly took 'flower power' to a literal extreme.  We saw floral prints, floral appliqués and floral lace.  And it was all done with a hint of cheekiness in mind; afterall, Henry's muse this season was none other than supreme groupie Penny Lane from the iconic film, Almost Famous.  However literal the prints and all the flower power are this season, Henry made sure to keep the silhouettes thoroughly modern, and we can easily see this collection fitting right into some confident, stylish woman's existing wardrobe.  We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Henry Holland himself to get a deeper understanding of the thought process behind this collection.  Check out our interview and some shots from the showroom below.


The 60's and 70's are having a big moment right now, mostly in terms of silhouette, but you've taken it to a more literal extreme.  Tell us about that.

The starting point for the season was picture of Hendrix from the 60's where he was wearing this print mix--it was a green suit with a super psychedelic floral print shirt.  That was our point of reference for the prints.  In terms of mood and tone, we took a lot of references from the groupies of the era and the girls that would follow Hendrix around, but we wanted to update it and modernise it for our customer to make something that was more in keeping with her style and her silhouettes.  It's slightly simpler; I didn't want it to be too literal, but I wanted the prints to be quite literal since it was such a strong reference, then with the silhouettes we wanted to twist it a little bit.





I can definitely see Penny Lane from Almost Famous wearing the whole collection.

Yes!  Yes, that is a compliment and I shall take it.  The GTO's!  So that film was based on the GTO's  and we did loads of research on them and Penny Lane [editor's note: the GTO's, also known as 'Girls Together Outrageously' was an infamous band of groupies in the 60's & 70's] .  There was supposed to be a groupie called Cynthia the 'Plaster Caster' who made plaster casts of all of [the musicians'] private bits.


Okay! So that's where the name of the collection, 'Plaster Caster', comes from.


I like that there's that cheekiness snuck into the collection, it's very House of Holland.

Yes, it's very close to the bone with the 'Plaster Caster' stuff--literally!


I saw lots of broderie and eyelet details in this collection, which I've also seen a lot of this season.

Yes, there's a lot of broderie anglaise around.  Broderie is beautiful and very feminine and classic, so we wanted to add a bit of colour to ours.

What pieces would you say are doing particularly well for you this season?

I think the lace is doing really well; the lace always does really well.  We had a really great season with it so we try to keep an element of it in there; I think it works really well.  The denim in the floral appliqué is also doing really well.  It's awesome.  It's gorgeous!


It's almost like a version of the denim jacket with all the band badges on it, but instead you've got the floral appliqué.

Yeah, so it's kind of like the fan badges.

Tell us about your colour selection this season.

We wanted to have a few 'werid' colour mixtures in their; the forrest green with the bright pink and the acidic lime and then that kind of inky blue, as well.  Again, with our colour palette, we tried not to do anything too traditional.  Like, very, very rarely do we use black.  And so our base is often a navy or deep French navy or an inky colour.



Styling wise, you tend to keep things all in one colour tone, too don't you?  Is that how you see your House of Holland girl wearing it?

Yeah, I think so!  We mixed it up a little bit, but I think it was the colour stories that we really groped together and we did that in our show, you're right, and that's my style.  That's the way I dress.  I think it creates a strong statement.  Of course, I always think about how these pieces can be incorporated into our girls' existing wardrobes.  At the time, in the late 60's and 70's, these girls' parents were always wearing suits, it was much more dressed-up than it is today.  It was much less about separates and mixing-and-matching and much more about coordinates.  Coordinates are also having a big moment now, so it just plays to some of our strengths.



Last question, something a bit more fun!  It's a summer collection, so what are you looking forward to this summer?

I want to get a house and go away for the whole of August and I have no idea if it will be possible or not.  I would go to -- I keep going to Mallorca, I've been to Mallorca twice now, so I think somewhere else.  Maybe the south of France.

And if your girl was to go on summer vacation with you, what pieces would she bring with her from this collection?

She would have to bring with her the little zipped up cropped vest with the matching skirt and one of the silk dresses.