— July 4, 2014 —

Man of The Hour - Alan See

Spring/Summer 2015 Men's Fashion Week has just concluded but with the collections still fresh on our minds, we are feeling very inspired, especially by menswear tailoring.   We spoke with Alan See, Founder of The Armoury, Asia's prestigious menswear specialty boutique, to get the scoop on the classic essentials for the modern men.  Read on to find out what a tweed blazer and raw denim jeans have in common accordingly to the man of the hour.


A self-proclaimed "menswear enthusiast", Alan and his equally stylish wife, Alexa, often stands out from the crowd with their immaculate style.  Here at the recent Pitti Uomo, the couple were spotted by streetstyle photographer Tommy Ton for style.com

ES: How would you describe your style?

Alan: I am deeply rooted in classic menswear and work with many tailors from around the world.  I guess the easiest words would be - classic and tailored.

Navy Tweed

Alan's day-to-day look consists of a tailored jacket or suit with leather shoes.  Accessories are a key styling element, seeing how that beautiful brown leather bag, mustard yellow pocket square and grey hat complete the dapper yet laid-back look.

ES: What is the 1 item in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?

Alan: If there really is only one thing that I could save - it would be this beautifully worn tweed blue blazer.  They wear out in a way that tells its own story.  It is like my raw denim jeans, with a unique element of character to it which has come from all the wear and tear of my work, travels and trips.  I love new clothes but there is something about worn ones that tell a different story as well!


ES: Can you tell us what is on your must-have list for Fall/Winter 2014 and why?

Alan: Scarf - I am quite nuts about scarves.  I have been hoarding many drawers of scarves, and unfortunately had to ditch a couple drawers worth during my last move.  But my choice scarf are the beautifully woven scarves from Andreas 1947 which the Armoury carries.  The old shuttle looms that they use weave the scarves at an extremely slow pace, allowing them to use finer cashmere yarns which make up these lengths of cloth which have a uniquely soft feel to them. Unparalleled!


We simply could not resist posting this adorable photo of Alan with his son Owen as featured in the June issue of Hong Kong's Elle Men magazine.  Good style and tailoring isn't just reserved for the grown up, look how dapper baby Owen looked in his bow tie and suit!!!  #totalcuteoverload