— June 12, 2014 —

Newsflash: H&M x Jeff Koons

Fashion and art go together like bees and honey and the latest in this fashion-art love affair is between H&M and Jeff Koons.  This is a cleverly planned collaboration as it should be- H&M's NYC flagship store is being designed to resemble an art museum and the opening (July 17) will be in conjunction with Koons' highly anticipated retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art that will run from June 27 to October 19, which of course H&M is sponsoring.  

Okay now less about the marketing strategy and more about the shopping! Koons has designed a limited edition Balloon Dog handbag for H&M and it will be sold in select markets in the US as well as online starting July 17.  Retailing at USD49.95, it is a total steal for a piece of Jeff Koons' work!


The limited edition Yellow Balloon Dog handbag


Mock up of the exterior of H&M's Manhattan flagship store on 5th Avenue and 48th Street, featuring one of Jeff Koon's most iconic Yellow Balloon Dog