— June 5, 2014 —

catwalk to sidewalk - my good hair day

Let's talk about hair for a second here.  We've all been there, that priceless good-hair-day feeling you get walking out of the salon with your ultra smooth, silky and shiny blow-dry that makes you feel you can conquer the world.  While most of us may not have the luxury of a daily professional blow-dry, we can all benefit from some professional tips.  We went behind the scene of a recent special project by iconic British hairstyling brand, ghd, titled "catwalk to sidewalk - my good hair day" to get the scoop on how anyone can enjoy a good hair day with the right tool and technique.

"catwalk to sidewalk - my good hair day" is a special project featuring Hong Kong's top hairstylists - Jamie Lee, Lawrence Chan, Marco Chan, and fashionista - Ana R, Charlotte Chen, and Rene Chu.  Each of them engaged in a personalized styling experience - the hairstylists were given the opportunity to create a unique styles for the 3 lucky ladies; and the ladies were given a one-on-one tutorial from the pro on how to create an everyday style that works best for their personality and lifestyle - using of course the award-winning ghd range.

Picture4Session Stylist Marco Chan:  Temperature is key when it come to heat styling.  With professional stylers like the ghd range which offer a consistent heat level throughout, one can ensure the most efficient and precise styling experience. 

Celebrity model Ana R: I have been addicted to ghd stylers for years now.  I have used a number of other stylers but ghd is undoubtedly my favourite because it delivers the best and long-lasting result and it so easy to use and travel with.  Instead of having to bring along multiple tools, all I need now is 1 single styler that offer both straightening and curling functions.   


Stylist Jamie Lee:  Always apply heat protective spray prior to heat styling your hair as it helps enhance the shininess of your hair which ultimately offers that perfect salon-finish that we all love. 

Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Charlotte Chen:  I'm extremely lazy when it comes to hairstyling but I'm thrilled to discover ghd stylers which allow for quick and easy home styling.  Curling your hair may seem overwhelming at first but the key is to section your hair into parts and you can easily work through for a total look.  I now  have no excuse for a bad hair day! 

Picture6Stylist Lawrence:  The beauty of a ghd styler is that it delivers extremely smooth and long-lasting curls so one would not have to worry about your hairstyle losing shape or going "flat" which ultimately ruins a good hair day and all the effort you put in to creating the beautiful style!

Eyewear designer René Chu: I have recently color treated my hair which leaves my hair a bit dry and brittle.  I am extremely surprised to see my hair looking more shiny and smooth after using the ghd styler.  I travel a lot for work so I only opt for styling tools that are easy and quick and ghd fits the bill perfectly!

The collaboration resulted in a collection of 6 stunning portraits featuring the lovely ladies in 2 hairstyles - a catwalk version styled by the top stylists and a sidewalk version styled by themselves.   While it was no surprise that the pro stylists nailed it with effortlessly stunning styles, it was impressive how the 3 ladies also managed to create equally beautiful styles on their very own!


Inspired by the glamourous lifestyle of a supermodel, Session hairstylist Marco Chan, created an effortlessly sexy style with a strong focus on volume and texture (left).  A long-time ghd fan, Ana has been using ghd stylers for years.  Ana’s self-styled "sidewalk" look (right) is sexy nonetheless but  the soft wavy curls that starts from mid-lengths to the ends gave it more of a causal edge that is perfect for everyday.


Inspired by Charlotte’s down-to-earth and cheerful personality, stylist Jamie Lee created a textured half-up do with tousled ends (left).  Freedom, movement and confidence are the key words for the totally on-trend yet nonchalant style.  A self-proclaimed novice in self-styling, Charlotte made a strong impression with her curled and polished side pony "Sidewalk" look (right).  The refined yet lively style is a perfect reflection of Charlotte’s fast-paced lifestyle as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Leading stylist Lawrence Chan and eyewear designer René Chu wanted to highlight contrast in their collaboration.  Lawrence’s "catwalk" look for René was inspired by her unique designer flair and a touch of old-Hollywood glamour - dramatic curls and exaggerated volume, with a va-va-voom effect.  For her self-styled "sidewalk" look (right), René brought out her more casual everyday style using a simple side-parting and long flowing fringe falling effortlessly to frame and highlight her stunning features.