— March 12, 2014 —

Lifestyle: Electric sekki's Guide to Paris

Paris is a passionate city, you can take years to explore it in full! Electric sekki.’s own CCO, Amiee Squires-Wills has ferreted out the best, freshest and worthy spots to check out in a city loaded with incredibly interesting boutiques, cafes and bars.  Here is Amiee's low-down on her top five things to do and see when in Paris, the fashion capital of the world!

Amiee in Paris  Paris 1


I always make Collette a must for me to visit when in Paris, the 3-floor clothing and accessory concept store is gorgeous. It is a real treasure trove for fashion addicts, with a selective and eclectic choice of goods, as well as art & fashion exhibitions. Collette are always ahead of everyone else and is always ever-changing.

Collette 3

Collette 2


Merci is an absolute go-to for all things interior-related. Merci is a gem, it is a store with a story and a soul, loaded with inspiration at every turn. A great mix of old, new and commissioned work, it has the best interior accessories, furnishings and lighting.

Merci 1 Merci 4


Fashion trade shows give designers the opportunity to interact with buyers and distributors from all over the world at one time. The Tranoi in Paris is a breathtaking venue for this to take place with a beautiful vibe.

Tranoi Montaigne Paris 1 Tranoi Montaigne Paris 3

Flower Market

The markets in Paris say a lot; colourful, noisy and just a little bit chaotic. The Flower Market in the city’s Old Town is a bustling, vibrant place with a gorgeous array of flowers in a vast amount of colours.  I could spend hours here.

Flower Market 2Flower Market 4

Flower Market 1


I love places that combine sophistication and warmth. After visiting the flower market, I stumbled across a phenomenal, off-the-beaten track, friendly and loving restaurant called Spring. The restaurant serves a ‘prix fixe’ menu and inspired by the love of France and all things French. There is no menu; the restaurant simply makes your dinner – a surprise menu. It was a warm, comforting place in Paris with such a homely feeling.

Surprise Menu at Spring 1 Surprise Menu at Spring 3