— March 6, 2014 —

Fall/Winter 2014: Chalayan

In his Pre-fall 2014 collection, Hussein Chalayan examined the idea of a journey - moving from one place to another - for Chalayan; in his, his Fall 2014 Chalayan explores this idea further, taking that 'abstract' idea to an even more abstracted place.  In fact, many of the stand-out pieces from his Pre-Fall were shown again for his Fall 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week, tweaked a bit in terms of the way it was styled and therefore elevated to an even more intellectual place.  Though Chalayan's collections are always deeply intellectual and thought-provoking, they are also incredibly wearable; a feat that is hard to accomplish in today's fashion industry and one that he executed perfectly this season.  The idea of 'moving through' a space, as Chalayan puts it, is beautifully depicted in clothes that are transformative in the different ways in which they can be worn and in the way that they literally move when worn.  It's a genius collection from a genius designer--one of his strongest collections yet.

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