— June 10, 2013 —

rubberband in superga

Ever since RubberBand came onto the Canto-pop scene in Hong Kong in 2004, they have been making a name for themselves as a group with a unique sound and a real devotion to their music. Made up of four guys from varied backgrounds, each of their different interests and upbringings has contributed greatly to RubberBand's individual take on Canto-pop. They also always look like a cool group of guys with whom you'd love to hang-out; each of their music videos depicts them doing some fun sun-filled activity, from cycling along the waterfront, to marching down thesea line, to a video driven by action figures for protagonists! So we were thrilled when we saw three of the band member of RubberBand sporting classic Superga sneakers--theyare perfect for RubberBand's fun-loving, creative and stylish lifestyle!

RubberBand performing.

Members of RubberBand wearing Superga sneakers!

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Superga is located in Hong Kong at Harbour City :

Shop 2607, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon