— July 1, 2011 —

a 'de gournay weekend' in shanghai

Last weekend, our fabulous marketing manager, Sam, went on a weekend getaway to Shanghai. Shanghai is an amazingly diverse and 'happening' place at the moment; a gorgeous city that merges old French architecture alongside crazy buildings that look like spaceships. Sam stayed in the Mansion Hotel which is gorgeous and has a very interesting history behind it: it was once owned by Sun Ting Sun, who was a partner of the infamous Shanghai gangster, Du Yue Sheng. Scattered throughout the hotel are beautiful old pieces of rosewood furniture, sepia photographs from the 1950's and an undeniable spiritual feeling of the history of the place.

Mansion Hotel Shanghai

The reason for Sam's visit was to celebrate de Gournay's first anniversary in Shanghai. If you don't already know, de Gournay creates stunning hand-painted wallpapers and fabrics, drawing inspiration from organic flora and fauna, as well as art deco influences. Their beautiful work has been featured all over the pages of VOGUE, has been used in Matthew Williamson's London boutique as well as Bergdorf Goodman's, and was even featured as the backdrop to Chanel's new Coco Mademoiselle campaign. Hit up their website to see more of their breathtakingly beautiful workmanship.

A de Gournay artisan at work on a piece of organic-inspired wallpaper.

Keira Knightley poses in front of a beautiful piece of gold de Gournay wallpaper for her new Coco Mademoiselle campaign.

Chanel's newest Coco Mademoiselle campaign, featuring Keira Knightly, with de Gournay wallpaper as the backdrop.

An editorial in VOGUE UK with de Gournay wallpaper used in the set-up.

A whimsical de Gournay decorated bicycle!

de Gournay hand-painted wallpapers are available in Hong Kong at Altfield.