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— June 8, 2015 —

Care for a Spin? Get Creative at Superga's Spin Lab


Superga® is excited to announce the exclusive Superga Spin Lab *ROUND 2* featuring a customized spin art machine offering you an opportunity to personalize your Superga this season.  With different color combinations to choose from, Superga® invites you to get creative and express yourself!



The Superga Spin Lab kicked off on June 4th  and will run 'til 28th June at Superga’s Harbour City Flagship store, June 10th – June 21th at Lovers & Friends Gough Street and June 24th – July 5th at Lovers & Friends at The Pulse.







With just HKD100 in addition to any purchase, customers may enjoy an exclusive Superga Spin Art Package which includes a customization experience complete with a limited edition Superga Spin Art tote bag and a pair of complimentary shoe lace to finish off your personalized Superga®.



Here is how it works:


  • SHOP: Purchase any Superga style from the selection in store
  • SPIN:   Select from different Spin Art color combinations
  • STYLE: Hashtag #SupergaSpinLab to select from the complimentary lace selection


  • GO:  Receive a complimentary limited edition tote bag


— November 18, 2014 —

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Matt Solomon's Guide to the Superga Spin Lab


Superga launched Spin Lab that runs 'til the end of November. Let race car driver and Superga brand ambassador Matt Solomon guide you on the 4 easy breezy steps on how to get a podium finish to your fresh pair of Superga shoes.



Step 1 : SHOP. Purchase any Superga in the store. Matt chose a black high top:



Step 2: SPIN. Select 4 different color combinations - 1) Single Color, 2) Duo Color, 3) Multi-color, 4) Neon Color, 5) Metallic


Matt chose the colors blue, white and red.


Splash the colors to the shoes (this is the fun part! you get to splash in your desired "design" )  and SPIN:


Leave your shoes to the friendly shop staff to dry. It will take about an hour. Shop some more around Harbour City or have a snack!

Step 3: STYLE. Choose from a wide selection of laces. This is Matt's cute final pair:


Step 4: GO. Receive your shoes all finished and ready in a complimentary shoe bag and enjoy the rest of your day!


ES: What did you think of Spin Lab?

Matt Solomon: " Spin Lab is awesome! It is a fantastic way to put a personal touch to your Superga, makes it all the more special."

Here are some more Superga Spin Lab shoes to check out:




Looks awesome right? Experience it for yourself, bring friends and family. It's on 'til Nov 30 For Superga shop details, click here.