— December 18, 2014 —


Love Want Need: Markin Fine Jewellery

We know we just posted about jewellery a few days ago, but we can't help but share with you something really amazing that we found out about during the successful opening of Lovers & Friends in Gough Street, 2 words: Mechanical Jewellery (both words operative). We got really excited when the brand manager showed us this pair of drop earrings that open up to a bee!


It comes in this color too:


Very close to the Lovers & Friends shop, in Elgin Street is a hidden treasure: MARKIN Fine Jewellery. This "unusual" location is supported by an original concept - besides a jewellery store, there is a workshop, art gallery and bar.


The store will give customers an opportunity to touch the brand philosophy and personalize their jewellery items. There is a special area separated from the showroom by a transparent wall, so they can also look inside the jewellery-manufacturing process, witnessing the most spectacular procedures such as steaming, laser engraving and soldering.


Every quarter, a new local or international artist, selected by the Art Director, will have a personal “pop-up” exhibition. The purpose of these activities is to attract young talent, which will contribute to one of the brand’s main goals: bringing forward a new era of creativity, based on the highest standards of beauty and ethics. Let us show you some of their jewellery that we find interesting, the arch bridge:


This pearl pendant:


This planetary gear:


This spiral ring which you can use to mark birthdays/ anniversaries with the little black balls:




This ring:



This stone necklace that opens up to a wonderful surprise:


These cufflinks:


And many, many more in their shop! We really love the concept and will be back soon for some shopping.