— October 31, 2014 —

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A Fun Interview with Henry Holland


On our previous blog, we talked to Henry Holland about his latest collection. We caught up with him again on his recent visit to Hong Kong to launch the collaboration of Mr. Men and Little Miss and House of Holland's Mr. Quiffy. The event was held in I.T. Kingston Street in Causeway Bay. On this interview, we asked him a few questions about the collaboration..and everything else under the sun (restaurants, Mariah, Ryan Gosling...Rita Ora.)

_53A0762 copy

ES: You said that Mr. Men Little Miss x House of Holland is a dream collaboration come true. Why is that?

HH: Because they’re so iconic, these characters, and there’s a concept. Mr. Men and Little Miss is something that I grew up  with, and they’re still really popular today. Like with kids now, so I think its an honor to be able to work with the characters themselves but also to be able have our own character created exclusively for us. Yes, it is a dream.

ES: What do you feel about doing all day of interviews like today?

HH: It’s fine! I enjoy talking to people. I’m a real chatterbox, so it’s ok. It’s just that I'm super tired coz of my schedule, its fine, its not like I have a hard time. I love my job and it doesn’t feel like work.

ES: Some questions not related to the collection:  Favorite celebrity to dress?

HH: Ooooh. I cant choose. Because then what if…

ES: Top 3?

HH: Usually my friends, people that I know, people that I know well. So Pixie, and M.I.A. recently, Rita Ora.


M.I.A. in House of Holland

ES: How much of your life do you share online?

HH: See that’s the thing, people think that you share everything and there’s a lot it’s very carefully edited. I share what I’m comfortable sharing, I don’t share too much at all. But people have the impression that I share everything, because you share some mundane things , some banal things that people think you must be sharing every single part of your life. But that’s not the case. I only share very select things. Things that I feel comfortable with.

ES: Dream celebrity to dress?

HH: That’s difficult. Maybe the Queen. I think that will be amazing. Someone really abstract, somebody out of the ordinary. Somebody people wouldn’t expect.


Epsom Races/ Queen

I can totally imagine the Queen in House of Holland.

ES: Would you like Mariah to wear your designs?

HH: Oh yes, she’s a legend.

ES: Who is your favorite One Direction member?

HH: Harry. Coz he’s the only one I know personally.

ES: He’s into fashion, yes?

HH: Yes! He’s been to my show before.

House Of Holland - Front Row: London Fashion Week SS14Harry Styles at Henry Holland's show.

ES: What will be your recommended Girls Night Out in London?

HH: Probably some cocktails and some dinner, followed by karaoke, followed by a bar like late into the night and maybe some dancing. I don’t know, just the same as everyone, really. Half of the time I won’t remember, a little bit too drunk.

ES: Your favorite restaurant ion London?

HH : J. Sheeky’s Fish Restaurant. Very classic English but specializes in fish.

ES: Do you ever Google yourself?

HH: Occasionally.

ES: If you search Google images of Henry Holland, in all your photos you have your quiff up. Except for one photo.

HH. The British Fashion Awards?  I did that once, and I was at the Awards and everyone kept ignoring me and I was like “Why is everyone being so rude?” They didn’t recognize me.

ES: You look like Ryan Gosling with your hair down.

HH: Nooooo. No way.

1235537467Henry in a Ryan Gosling sandwich, separated at birth?

ES: Can you talk about your upcoming Menswear?

HH: We are launching menswear next year, and it’s been a really tricky time to be travelling because it’s a very critical time for our menswear launch. But we’re working on it at the moment. It’s a really interesting process because its completely different to all of my womenswear and the way that I had to approach it. Its been a real refreshing change in the learning curve but I'm very excited about it.

ES: Will there be slogan tees for men?

HH: Mmmmmm. Maybe.

ES: How was Tokyo?

HH: Tokyo was mental. I was there for 5 days, we did our fashion show on Friday. Part of Tokyo Fashion Week, and we’re doing that again in March. Japan is a market we’re gonna concentrate on for the next year and try and grow our business there. And I really like it, I like the people, I like the atmosphere. I like their approach to fashion. I like the way that they do things. It’s great!

ES: Plans in the next few days?

Plans : I have Meetings all day tomorrow, a bit of sourcing, then fly to Australia. I'm hoping my schedule will be a little less hectic in Australia because I'm in need of a weekend. I haven’t had a weekend in 3.5 weeks, if I can just have one day.

The past 3 weeks have been really busy for Henry. He toured Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Hope you have a nice time in Australia, Mr. Quiffy!


(L-R) Our CEO, Amiee Wills at the I.T. event, Henry chatting with the I.T. ladies, and Henry chatting with Electrci sekki.

— October 29, 2014 —

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Mr. Quiffy and Henry Holland in Hong Kong

_53A0752 copy

As part of the Asian leg of his tour, Henry Holland and/or Mr. Quiffy was in I.T. (Kingston St., Causeway Bay) on October 23 to launch the collaboration of his famous quiff and Sanrio's Mr. Men and Little Miss. Don't worry if you didn't make it to the event, we'll take you behind the scenes. Warning: there will be some cuteness overload!

Here's the window display that you definitely won't miss when you pass by Kingston Street:

_53A0722 copy

The hardworking IT ladies getting Mr. Quiffy ready...



The Quiffs posing in front of the camera:


Interviews with East Touch and Flash On.


More interviews! This time with Elle, Milk, and Electricsekki.


There were Mr. Quiffy (and other Mr. Men Little Miss characters) cookies, macaroons, stuffed toys, and even drinks.


The ladies didn't forget to show up in Henry Holland's clothes. There were lots of sequins and glitters in I.T. that afternoon, it did look and feel like The House of Holland.



Everyone loved having their photos taken with Mr. Quiffy and Henry.


Our friends from Sanrio also came to support the event:


And they wore their cutest Mr. Men Little Miss accessories:


How cute is this little miss?


Also spotted a pair of Superga x House of Holland platforms.




See you again, Mr. Quiffy!


You can check out the collection at  I.T. Kingston Street, Causeway Bay til November 21! Next on the blog: our interview with Henry. We asked him some really fun questions ( One Direction, dream celebrity to dress...etc.) Stay tuned!