— March 16, 2016 —

Spotlight On: ELLERY Fall '16 Paris Fashion Week

 . E L L E R Y . unveiled their new Autumn-Winter 2016 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. The show took place in Palais de Tokyo’s, ‘Galerie Haute’.



The collection explores the relevance of garments that were once considered essential; the starting point - a corset.



Autumn Winter ’16 is about the liberation of women from strict silhouettes once worn at the turn of the 19th century.

“We want to unravel, deconstruct and reconstruct pieces from another era, in new ways making them relevant today” said creative director, Kym Ellery. “It is a collection that explores the contrast between old and new, filled with pieces that are both fluid and structured in equal measure.”

The colour palette is anchored with deep blacks, flesh tones, warm rusts, soft grey and velvety blues. Accent colours of yellow and candy pink lighten the mood whilst metallic tones flicker throughout.





Fabrications vary from liquid lamé to double silk georgette, velvet corduroy, wool suiting, snow fox fur and shimmering lurex velvet.


The brand’s trademark flares were presented in different proportions; some with raw then embroidered edges. New-romantic tucks cinch in feminine dresses with voluminous sleeves. Turn-of-the- century blouses are made modern, and classic shirting is once again key.

It’s where the new world order and the old guard clash. A thump, a rebellious stance, a sudden click, a lightbulb, a fleeting feeling, remembering something that doesn’t necessarily exist.




Ultimately, no matter the origin of the idea, the end goal remains the same: to empower the wearer through design and to create clothes for women of excellence.


Cheers to you once again, Kym Ellery!