— November 3, 2015 —

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Spotlight On D.EFECT SS16: The Not Like Everybody Else


Embracing #TheBeautyOfImperfection has long been the idea that has inspired D. EFECT collections. This season, Creative Director Egle Ziemyte wanted to explore what the beauty of imperfection looks like in the modern and digitalized world of today. Inspired by digital art and individuals with distinct personalities, Egle’s new collection has plenty of defects. All made on purpose.


D.EFECT SS16 uses prints created by Taiwanese- born, Berlin-based artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien. Cheng Tien is known for taking random  portraits of people she sources from the internet and using digital manipulation to make those images completely unrecognizable.


“Her series of works “Have A Nice Day” inspired my creative process deeply. I often feel like we we are masters of manipulation: tweaking this and that and aiming for perfection. However, it’s really easy to lose your identity and become unrecognizable. I loved the works of Jennis. Visually, they are so beautiful. But then there is this other side to them, showing exactly how too much  can make someone faceless.” – explains Ziemyte.



“I am really looking forward to the results of our exciting collaboration, as fashion is an important source of inspiration for this series of works. Both Egle’s designs and my works question the idea of personal identity and its fleeting characteristic in our modern times. We are not criticizing it as we can all be blamed for relentlessly seeking perfection. Instead, our views on individuality are diluted with a pinch of irony.”, Cheng Tien says about working with D.EFECT.


The results of this collaboration are styles covered with beautiful, vivid prints that form new shapes as the wearer moves.


The core of D.EFECT designs for SS16 are relaxed yet chic styles with details that intrigue: exaggerated ruffles, misplaced buttons, rips purposely made or asymmetrical lengths. These unique details show off the DNA of D.EFECT and were also created to highlight the DNA of the person wearing the collection.