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— February 28, 2016 —

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Best Bet: Brands in the Electric sekki Paris Showroom (A/W '16) Part 3

Inspired by design concepts from past and present, reworking traditional silhouettes, Michael Lo Sordo creates for the individual who appreciates effortless style with a unique, modern, design edge.








sass & bide offers a full range of women’s Ready-to-Wear fashion, jeans, leather, intimates, accoutrement & exclusive gallery pieces. Currently stocked in over 20 countries, the range is available at premium boutiques, exclusive department stores worldwide and now shipping online to NZ, UK & USA.


Susanne Rohrmann’s design signature springs from raw, architectural silhouettes with sharp attention to detail. Her aim is to create exclusive, and at the same time very casual garments, that have timeless quality. The color palette of her collections is minimal and consists primarily of dark nuances of black, grey and brown. Shades, which are used in order to create the feeling of a sharp, natural and non-forced look.


— February 27, 2016 —

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Best Bet: Brands in the Electric sekki Paris Showroom (A/W '16) Part 2

Conceived and founded in New York in 2014, Cocurata is a multi-disciplinary fashion label and art platform designed to showcase and exhibit artists – and their artwork – beyond the parameters and restrictions of a traditional gallery model. Simultaneously an exhibition space, atelier and fashion house, Cocurata has been specifically designed to reimagine the gallery for the 21st Century.

cocrata 1

Cocurata AW16

Elise Gug has always been inspired by classic icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. When she graduated from The Danish Design school in 1982, she felt compelled to design her own classic collections. This way she knew that women everywhere would always be able to buy classic, high quality, tailor made clothing.



100% MADE IN ITALY. The Elise Gug collections are made in Italy with the finest Italian fabrics and produced with an eye for quality and tradition, but also with the Italian love for informal elegance in mind.

Georgia Alice is a womenswear label dedicated to creating simple, luxurious ready-to-wear.
The label began two years ago with original GA girl, founder and designer Georgia Currie. Buoyed by a long-standing desire to pare back and strip down, her designs carry as much grit as they do elegance, ready to be accepted into the edit of core pieces that hangs in every modern girl’s wardrobe.

The GA girl is progressive in her beliefs and nomadic in her knowledge. She shirks dress codes, upends expectations and holds a keen sense of joy in everything she does. This is a girl who champions big hearts, honest confidence and positive vibrations. She perceives friction as beauty and appreciates the free spirit as she does the earnest friend. Despite her preferences for simplicity, she is never boring.


Stay tuned to see which of your favourite brands will be exhibiting in the Electric sekki Paris Showroom. We will also be covering live on our instagram, make sure you follow!

— February 25, 2016 —

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Best Bet: Brands in The Electric sekki Paris Showroom (A/W '16)

Igniting curiosity and the urge to look twice, ANTIPODIUM offers the modern woman a new chemistry; an essential distillation of London’s wit and wisdom for a tuned-in global audience. With a focus on innovative fabrications, dynamic print collaborations and canny colour combinations ANTIPODIUM delivers collections that are as smart or uninhibited as you dare.

antipodioum 1



BETINA is a luxury t-shirt line created by Betina Ocampo in 2012 while completing her studies at Parsons School of Design. Raised by two designer powerhouses, Betina’s eye for design came naturally, creating a superior understanding of fashion over the years.


Betina’s inspiration stemmed from the work of indigenous tribal communities and craftsmen she was exposed to while traveling around the Philippines and Southeast Asia with her parents. Each design is a progressive collaboration between the young designer’s contemporary vision and the hands of skillful artisans. Together they create whimsical embellishments that give dimension to an otherwise prosaic silhouette.

Adorable, feminine, and playful are the words which best describe the namesake brand of Australian-based designer Alice McCall.


Alice’s signature style takes its inspiration from bohemian, folky subcultures and the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle - resulting in daringly girlish silhouettes detailed with frills, scalloping, and lots of striking colour.




Stay tuned to see which of your favourite brands will be exhibiting in the Electric sekki Paris Showroom. We will also be covering live on our instagram, make sure you follow!