— April 25, 2016 —

The Look: Antipodium Fall Winter '16 Presents Rush Hour


The “RUSH HOUR” collection is a typical ANTIPODIUM tour de force - a concentrated double shot of essential London energy swirled with its consistently quirky outlook on life. We caught up with ANTIPODIUM's designer, Madeleine Press to know more about the brand's Fall/ Winter '16 Collection, presented in The Electric sekki Paris Showroom. 



“RUSH HOUR” celebrates the mesmerizing murmuration of a million daily commuters. A diverse mix of people all sharing a communal desire in a common task, silently protecting and projecting their personal space, often immersed in their own digital worlds - and then quietly peeling off from the crush and throb to head towards their final destination.






Igniting curiosity and the urge to look twice, ANTIPODIUM offers the modern woman a new chemistry; an essential distillation of London’s wit and wisdom for a tuned-in global audience. With a focus on innovative fabrications, dynamic print collaborations and canny colour combinations ANTIPODIUM delivers collections that are as smart or uninhibited as you dare.


ANTIPODIUM spells an everyday attitude, becoming the by-line for subverted classics as well as modern basics - with a hook on the zeitgeist has secured a tribe of loyal followers and tastemakers across fashion, music, film and



ES: Describe who ANTIPODIUM is for?

MP: " People who are excited and inspired by the collection as we are, and that love it. Appealing to people’s love of living in the city, this is part of who we are and what we do everyday. Living in the moment. This thing about technology- people being absorbed in their own space is a big influence to us in this collection. It's about living that 24/7 existence and never stopping- it can be taken in a harsh way or a beautiful way. Its sort of building on that through the seasons."

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