— October 20, 2015 —

Spotlight On: Camilla and Marc Spring Summer '16

The oil painting ‘La Lecture’ that originally inspired Camilla and Marc's SS16 collection depicts Picasso's secret 17 yr old mistress and muse, asleep with a book upon her lap. The painting not only was a huge art work, it also led to the demise of Picasso’s marriage, after his wife saw it at a retrospective exhibition and realised that the facial features were not her own.


Many believe that the image captures his romantic obsession with his young muse and is meant to be a sensual and erotic work of art. It is created in a very lyrical manner, using bright colors, light lines, and an overall airy quality to the painting. The painting has been described as being his most colourful, joyous, and well composed and was painted in a period that has now been coined his "lovestruck” period.


Camilla and Marc has drawn upon the aspects of frivolity, romance, seduction and strength to build a collection that is very sure of itself, while still having a bit of fun on the side.



Silhouettes are contemporary, feminine, strong and sophisticated with just a hint of seduction.




There are highlights of mischievous layering and stacked proportions amongst an aray of easy shirt dresses, elongated draping and simple structure. In this collection- femininity, sophistication, frivolity and strength should all be of equal parts and measures.



Key colours include Saffron, Marine, Crimson, Champagne, French navy, Crème, Black, wood rose.



Fabrics are tactile, textural and forward. The fabric did the talking this season, Camilla and Marc kept the finishes and techniques simple. Its all about feeling, touching, and seeing the cloth for what it is.



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