October 2015

— October 20, 2015 —

Spotlight On: Camilla and Marc Spring Summer '16

The oil painting ‘La Lecture’ that originally inspired Camilla and Marc's SS16 collection depicts Picasso's secret 17 yr old mistress and muse, asleep with a book upon her lap. The painting not only was a huge art work, it also led to the demise of Picasso’s marriage, after his wife saw it at a retrospective exhibition and realised that the facial features were not her own.


Many believe that the image captures his romantic obsession with his young muse and is meant to be a sensual and erotic work of art. It is created in a very lyrical manner, using bright colors, light lines, and an overall airy quality to the painting. The painting has been described as being his most colourful, joyous, and well composed and was painted in a period that has now been coined his "lovestruck” period.


Camilla and Marc has drawn upon the aspects of frivolity, romance, seduction and strength to build a collection that is very sure of itself, while still having a bit of fun on the side.



Silhouettes are contemporary, feminine, strong and sophisticated with just a hint of seduction.




There are highlights of mischievous layering and stacked proportions amongst an aray of easy shirt dresses, elongated draping and simple structure. In this collection- femininity, sophistication, frivolity and strength should all be of equal parts and measures.



Key colours include Saffron, Marine, Crimson, Champagne, French navy, Crème, Black, wood rose.



Fabrics are tactile, textural and forward. The fabric did the talking this season, Camilla and Marc kept the finishes and techniques simple. Its all about feeling, touching, and seeing the cloth for what it is.



— October 13, 2015 —

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This Weekend: The Secret Island Party 2015

5 stages, over 100 live acts and performances, 1 community-focused, fun and inspiring weekend.


On it's 5th run, this year's Secret Island Party promises to make all your magical wishes come true with the fantastical theme: Folklore, Fables &


Prepare to set your imagination alight with fire shows, DJs, live music and theatrical wanderers. Let your pixie ears tweak to the sounds of the stories, the drums, and the sweet smell of HK’s hottest food offerings. Let your playfulness run wild with AcroYoga, silent discos, arts and crafts and the like. Soothe your inner stillness with meditation, pilates and the embracing sounds of the waves outside of your tent. Immerse yourself into the world of SIP: the community of magic!




Havaianas will be in Secret Island Party 2015! Bringing you good vibes chill out area with beach brollies and deck chairs, Saturday night silent disco silenced by Sound Off keeping everyone partying to the small hours and an unforgettable volleyball tournament with awesome prizes!


Eat, sleep, rave, repeat goes the old festival saying. But we think you  should also take some time to kick back, relax and soak up the laid back vibes at the Havaianas Chill Out Area. Grab yourself a#HavaianasHK deck chair, an ice cold drink, a few friends and enjoy the atmosphere as DJs spin their beachy tunes over the sound of the lapping waves.



If you fancy something a bit more competitive than yoga and dancing you’d better head straight for the Havaianas volleyball tournament where selected teams will battle it out for some awesome prizes and the crowing glory of being SIP's very first volleyball winners! All ages welcome!


What do you get if you cross 3 DJs, a Havaianas Secret Island beach takeover, and 1 set of Sound Off HK headphones? One mind-blowing DJ battle where YOU switch between the channels on your headphones and choose the tunes that get you dancing the night away. This is one insane party you can’t afford to miss, check it out on Friday and Saturday evenings!

Dates and Times
Fri 16th Oct: 6pm - 12am
Sat 17th Oct: 9am - 6am
Sun 18th Oct: 7.30am - 6pm
Regular Weekend $850
Friday only $250
Saturday only $550
Sunday only $380
Sshhh, they’ll hear you!
…It’s a secret!

— October 13, 2015 —

PASATIEMPO: Chalayan Spring/Summer '16

The central theme of Cuba continues to influence the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of Chalayan through unique interpretations, which are reflected in the cut of the garments and fabric developments.


As Cuba’s doors are about to open to the US, it is possibly the last chance to capture the authenticity of the island where there is a strong interplay between the past and present. From its indigenous roots to Spanish Colonialism, this Caribbean Island has incurred the slave trade and emerged cradled in a socialist regime as a result of the revolution in the 1950s.


Summer tailoring, drapery and military inspired dresses and skirts feature throughout the collection together with Chalayan’s signature fabric manipulations, which are reflected in evening gowns.




Key fabrics include crisp cotton poplin and soft cotton in olive, tobacco and black. Also prevalent in the collection is crepe de chine alongside stretch crepe in poppy, lime, black, fresh mint and a light jacquard. Presence of music in Cuban life is depicted through graphic prints of dancing couples as devoree prints as well as embellished with Swarovski crystals strips over the dancing figures emphasizing their movement. Cuba’s famous cigar industry, is shown in the various steps of preparation as textbook illustrations. Statistics showing data before and after the revolution are printed on pleated voiles with jacquard foliage. A devoree version of the statistics is further enriched by Swarovski jet stones, highlighting certain parts of the data deeming them more precious and jewel like.





The "Plonk", an illustrated character, originally created by Joan M Davies in the 1940’s was used as an inspiration to portray various scenarios in Cuba, whilst also capturing all the developments taking place after the revolution. This can be seen as an all over or at times as a single placement print or as knitwear.



LOOK 34, 35 C


Guards inspired by the presence of female officials protecting various places in Cuba are used as a symbol to represent the passing of time.

The female guards in an imagined Cuban uniform wait inconspicuously until the end of the show. Finally they are sprayed by a shower of water which melt their uniform to reveal a 3D fabric with dancing palm trees charmingly embroidered over a jacquard complete with Crystal Swarovski coconuts in their stems. The melting uniforms also possess crystal strips in the inner structure of the garments which are unveiled when the rest of the garment is washed off by the water, creating a cradle for the newly visible dancing palm trees.



Always innovating, Hussein Chalayan.


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— October 12, 2015 —


Best Bet: ELLERY Spring Summer '16

Wrapped Coast

One million square feet of fabric and 35 miles of rope shrouded 2.4 kilometres of the Australian coastline in Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s 1969 project entitled ‘Wrapped Coast’ Little Bay, Sydney.  

This monumental artwork was the starting point for the . E L L E R Y . Spring ’16 collection.

“To me great artworks embody beauty. This work, entitled ‘Wrapped Coast’ by Christo and Jeanne-Claude defines what beauty is to me. It’s in the concept. The scale. The human ambition. The journey. The temporary nature of the work and the visual joy I experience when seeing this familiar Australian landscape repackaged so profoundly”, Kym Ellery said of her inspiration.


For the Spring ’16 collection both the silhouettes as well as the finer details boldly embrace the artwork as inspiration. Curtained panels, volume, ties, drawstrings and metal embellishments all nod to the great work in a playful yet elegant manner.
Ellery ss16

Classic tailoring is amplified with deconstructed peplums and ample gathered sleeves that loosely veil the arm creating a silhouette that feels decidedly new.


Crisp shirts are re-envisioned with tightly ruched drawstring detail while others gently peel away from the body in layers, imbued with easy-to-wear  insouciance.



Amongst classic . E L L E R Y . fabrications futuristic highlights emerge: a metallic scrunched fabric recalls the reflection of ripples on the night time ocean whilst clear fibre-optic fringing points to a duality between the natural, the sculptural and the man-made.



New territory is explored through a cacophony of almost abstract floral prints inspired by Australian flora. The colour palette is soft and muted with taupes, ivory and pale blue laid alongside shocks of pink, gunmetal and rust.



Textures are illustrious and highly tactile with digitally printed silk velvet, slubbed silks and crocheted bouclé cotton.


Light and feminine yet anchored in the androgynous, Spring ’16 sees . E L L E R Y . present a decadent collection full of verve and vitality. It is an offering for the modern woman’s summertime wardrobe, filled with pieces that will be cherished for many years to come.


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