— June 11, 2015 —


Love, Want, Need: Superga x Gala


Gala Gonzales is a Spanish fashion blogger, she is the creator of the blog www.amlul.com which is chosen as one of the twenty most influential blogs in the world by Teen Vogue America. Amlul is also Spain’s first most influential, important and international fashion blog, being around since 2007. It has been published in over 30 international worldwide publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle.


Gala González is one of the most photographed bloggers by street-style press photographers, and we totally love her style!


It's no wonder Superga®, the iconic footwear brand for sports and leisure that used the rubber vulcanisation technology for the first time, collaborated with Gala Gonzalez.


The collection is a delicate and colourful view of how Superga interprets the roots of Gala Gonzalez/ Amlul. The selected fabrics reflect the Spanish “savoir faire” in weaving, from grass to wood, passing from leather too. It’s a slow procedure that requires time and patience, exactly as Superga shoes are made, by hands and with 100 years of expertise.

The overlook of Superga icons ( The classic Superga 2750) has been reduced to its essential elements using smaller eyelets and fine round laces.



All made of natural materials such as hand embroidered raffia, a traditional Spanish technique, with a wide selection of warm colours, reminiscent of the Galician hinterland landscapes, place of the birth of the blogger.




We cannot wait to get our hands on these beauties!


Here's the great news, #supergaxgala will be available in Hong Kong starting 12th of June! :)

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