— May 12, 2015 —

Who's Battling It Out at Secret Walls x Havaianas?


The Secret Walls x Havaianas Battle begins on Friday, May 15th! 8 artists, 4 battles with a pair of artists going head to head. Four semi-final positions will be determined. The battle will last 60 minutes.

Rules:  black pens and paint, no sketching, contestants must paint/draw directly on to the wall.

Let's get to know the artists:

Felipe Wong- A mixed Chinese guy from San José, Costa Rica, Felipe is a designer by fate and a toy guy almost by accident. Here's a sample of his work:

Felipe Wong 2

" I changed the small latino town wonders for the big Asian city thrills and I came to hunt down some urban monsters to add to my collection. For my work, coming from a mixed culture family I can’t help being influenced and I tend to explore topics about identity between east and west but most of my attention would always be drawn toward human nature and the demons in society that transform it for either good or bad."

Jay Pelmet- A long-limbed-paintbrush-weilding-maniac, Pelmet has been honing his spatial awareness skills in recent years – outputting conceptual and surreal work which seeks to demystify the obvious. See his work below:

Jay Pelmet

Next, we have FoxyRoxy 

FoxyRoxy 2

"I draw. I do it for myself and for my Customers. Simply I live for my paintings and think about them any minute in this Universe."

Szabotage is a Hong Kong based award winning interior designer and street artist. A former East London resident and a qualified architect, his work and subjects are often a mix of popular culture and vivid use of bold colors. His work encompasses cult subject matter depicting local Hong Kong street scenes - painting live and capturing real time action on canvas.


His new subjects are constantly changing as he finds the city a continual source of inspiration and it is always exciting to see what and where he will paint next. Recently, Szabotage competed and reached the finals of Secret Walls last year.

That's 4 of 8 artists battling it out on Friday. Stay tuned for the other 4 we will feature soon and if you are going to the event,  why not snap an instagram worthy photo and get a free tote bag from Havaianas?! See you there!






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