— May 15, 2015 —

Thank God It's Friday! Who's Spinning Tonight?

T - G - I - F ! You worked hard this week, we know. We know. So tonight, you deserve to play. Friday is finally here and the most awaited First Qualifying Round of The World's Premier Live Art Battle: Secret Walls x Havaianas is happening tonight! YEAH!

Here's the lineup of DJs who will be spinning for us tonight in Backstage:

K-Melo - With over 16 years of experience, Melo’s style originates from Hip‐Hop/ turntablist style party rocking, but later on influenced heavily by the underground dance music scenes of New York, Chicago and Detroit. Since then, his style had evolved to much diverse and sophisticated palette, often blending Deep House, Acid, Minimal with Jazz, Soul, Afro and Disco.


In 2014, Melo was handpicked by the captain of Japan’s powerhouse music label JAZZY SPORT as the core member of JAZZY SPORT HK – allowing him to be firmly established as a hidden treasure of Hong Kong’s underground music scene.

 DJ108 - Producer / Remixer / DJ DJ 108 is one half of the highly creative music production duo known as SoL8 originally from Tokyo Japan, currently resides in Hong Kong.


With Flawless track selection, innovative remix taste and real time video vjing has propelled him to be one of the most cutting edge Japanese breaks turntablist and DJ to list.

Flex -  Hailing from DC via New York City, Re:Flex started with break-dancing and was quickly introduced to DJing at the age of 17. With this first introduction to the Hip Hop culture, and experimentation with all kinds of sounds, he has molded his cross genre style into a provocative musical experience. Flex has rocked parties all over Asia and in 2009 completed a cross Asia tour with Hennessy Artistry.  Flex has learned to adjust his style to the ever-changing crowd, while still remaining true to his roots and has never shied away from his funky, soulful, bass banging past. Listeners have dubbed his sets as unpredictable, esoteric, and fresh.


Always a student of his craft, Re:Flex is constantly reinventing himself on the decks and is truly a force to be reckoned with in 2015 and beyond.

DJ Gruv:

"I DJ from my soul to the soul of the crowd! Expect nothing but feeling!"

Here's a sample of DJ Gruv's tracks to get you through Friday and in the mood for tonight! Enjoy!

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