— March 23, 2015 —

Up Close with sass & bide in Paris

We were so happy to see sass & bide return this Fall/Winter 2015 season to their embellished and artisanal roots.  It was Anthony Cuthbertson's first collection for the brand as Creative Director, and it was clear how much time he had spent going through the archives of the house and really staying true to the core aesthetic of the brand.  Though he paid homage to sass & bide's original brand image, he also managed to push the craft of the brand to a whole new level.  Some of the work that went into the pieces this season was really done at a couture level.  Many of the embellished pieces that were standouts in the collection were hand-sewn, which has really elevated the label's clothes to a much more fashion-forward, luxury place.  There are, however, of course, pieces that are more accessible in terms of their craft, but still all done with that very recognisable sass & bide attitude and aesthetic.  We had a quick chat with the girls at the sass & bide showroom in Paris' Marais district to get up-close-and-personal with the collection.


"This was Anthony Cuthbertson's inaugural collection for sass & bide.  He's gone back to the real sass & bide identity, with the heavy embellishment and the artisanal quality."


"We call these our Beyoncé leggings, a few years ago, we actually made a similar pair for her.  And, this, we call our 'warrior' dress!"


"The gold has also been a really important part of the collection this season."IMG_3226

"With this fabric, the embellishment is beaded on top, again, by hand.  So the amount of work in it is incredible.  You can really see the craft in this piece."


"This is a great piece, too.  We've actually had a lot of success with this; it's very recognisably sass & bide!"


"In a lot of the collection, we've got these gorgeous motifs; we've got a little robot and we also have the beetles and the dragonflies.  Some have been embellished, as you can see, and we've also done it in a print."


"One of the amazing showpieces was the cracked dress.  The mirrored material was spread out on a table and laser cut; then each piece is individually hand-sewn onto the dress.  That's definitely been a key story for us."


"The cracked pieces come in the mirror and it also comes in a clear plastic and in black plastic, as you can see here."

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