— November 7, 2014 —

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She's a passionate chick who likes to take a risk, proud of who she is and not afraid to bend the rules. She is brave and free and expresses herself with a unique flair through the clothes she loves to wear. Her personality knows no bounds, living in the moment and never minding the consequences. She is a MINKPINK girl.


For the Holiday 2014 collection, MINKPINK referenced everything from boho gypsy to glam rock style in irresistible shades of midnight,burgundy and magenta fishnet laces and flocked tulles, this latest range mixes electric metallics, animal prints and foiled faux fur trims with tutu skirts, backless jumpsuits and kimono shapes.
Let's get to know more about the MINKPINK girl, shall we?
She is...genuine. Authentic, not artificial. Distinctive, not blending in. Fresh, not following. Imaginative, not narrow.
She is cheeky! She laughs out loud, not holding back. She is quirky, not ordinary. She starts the party, not turning the volume down.
MINKPINK girl is ballsy. Now what does that mean?  She plays hard, not faint hearted. She is brave, not dependent. She is candid, not vague. She is adventurous, not evasive.
She plays fair. She is generous, not greedy.
She is ecelectic. She loves contrast, not conformity. She is broad, not restrictive.
If you’re channelling an Eastern vibe in pop-colour oriental bloom prints, or getting ready to kick off the party season in sequin metallic brocades and printed leather-look pieces, MINKPINK Winter Holiday 14 is right for you. They are offering everything from velvet smock dresses, beaded embroidery knits, two piece dressing and all the things in between. Check out some more MINKPINK looks below:
You can buy MINKPINK in I.T. Silvercord and in Rosebullet and be THAT girl.