— November 18, 2014 —

Spotlight On: sass and bide Artisans, bringing visions to Life.


Any sass and bide lover knows that one of, if not their most recognizable style is the use of intricate and beautiful beading in their masterpieces. The collections are stronger each season and it makes many wonder...how do they do such an amazing job? sass and bide gives us the inspiring story in their website, in a fairy-tale like manner that shows how magic is done and how fairy godmothers transform girls to princesses. Let's take this dress as an example:


Now the deconstruction: 35, 700 beads, 40 M chain, metallic lurex thread, 8 days, 24 hands, in Mumbai.



01And here it is on a model:


Other versions of this wonderful piece that layers organic hand beaded patterning over solid and sheer navy silk:



Can you guess how many hands, how many days, how many kilograms and types of beads were used for the pieces below?


Neither can we. So check out sass and bide's website to find out more of what happens behind each exclusive garment, from hand sketched to hand sewn, a dedicated team of true artisans, meticulously bringing magic to life.