— November 1, 2014 —


Spotlight on: Marc Freeman of Camilla and Marc


Camilla and Marc is made up of a multi-talented duo that have identified and established a sophisticated line that reflects the ease of Australian lifestyle, allowing them to build a brand ethos that is at once contemporary and effortlessly elegant. The brother sister tandem has been a runway regular since 2003 and has grown from one of Australia’s most exciting labels into an international favourite. Get to know 1/2 of the duo, in our interview with Marc Freeman during a press event in D-mop Central.

ES: How many times have you been to HK? What do you like about it?

MPF: A lot. I’ve visited Hong Kong many times. I think, over 20 times. It’s a place I really enjoy coming to. Vibrant, fast moving, very dense so there’s a lot of people, I like that energy.

ES: Based on your instagram account, you were in Canberra lately?

MPF: The Prime Minister (of Australia) and his wife invited me t o meet the Duchess and Prince when they came to visit Australia.

ES: Did you dress The Duchess?

MPF: Yes we gave her a couple of outfits so it’s pretty cool.

ES: On an interview with Vogue Australia last year Camilla was asked: “What do you love about Australian fashion?” and she answered:

“We particularly love how Australian fashion is intrinsically influenced by the country’s landscape and culture. People often think that our isolation is restrictive, but I think it means that we’re unique in how we develop our own aesthetic. With that in mind, when we design each collection, we’re mindful of both our Northern and Southern Hemisphere markets, so creating these seasonal collections can be a challenge. I think that internationally, we offer a point of difference that we attribute to living in Australia.”

How does maintaining that point of difference apply on running the business in Asia? 

MPF: Well I think the point of difference has helped us create a signature look, of both masculine and feminine, of structured and floaty garments. So I think that those ideals and aesthetic is what we stay true to and hopefully, I trust that it’s what the Asian customer really likes.


ES: How/ are you ever involved in the design part of it?

MPF: Yes very much, our business is design so daily I’m involved in the design process.

ES: Most write-ups say that Camilla’s design and you are business…but of course those two come together.

MPF: Those two things blur. Day to day, Camilla’s focus is pretty much solely on design. Whereas my focus is across many more things but I still have a very much focus on design because that’s where everything starts and where everything finishes. It starts with an idea and a product. An idea that we want to design and then is executed by creating our product and selling it to the customer. That’s as we continue to do what we are doing, growing our business…so I’m very focused in the design element .I sign off every single style, every single print.

ES: You can say that the whole brand is actually representing you, too?

MPF: Very much so. Men look at women more than women almost look at women. Me as a man is very important in creating/ defining what a woman should wear.

A preview of the next collection were put on display too:


ES: Your personal style, what brands do you wear?

MPF: I like brands like Dior and Prada for more structured suiting. I do create some stuff for myself.

ES: What is your vision of Camilla and Marc in Asia in the next few years?

MPF: We plan to continue to grow the brand in stores like D-mop, who supported us. As well as other stores right through China and the rest of Asia. There’s a lot of opportunities , local customers seem to … like looking great and loving the product. Such a large population so many beautiful people to dress so I think there’s a lot of opportunity for the future.

The latest collection up close below:




ES: Describe your fanbase.

MPF: I think we have a lot of celebrity dressing in The States. Young, it, Hollywood girl, and actresses. There’s a function of these women looking beautiful in our clothing but its important for us to make the IT girl look beautiful,a s well as the girl next door look beautiful. It’s not just designing for one person but for many women.


ES: What is it like working with your sister as the Creative Director?

MPF: Really good. We’re very close in age and were best friends as well as siblings, so we just enjoy hanging out, spending time with one another. And she married one of my best friends. It’s a really close relationship.

ES: As a child or a university student, did you ever see yourself in the fashion business?

MPF: Ive always ben fascinated by fashion. Growing up, I had a couple of friends who were much older who were in the industry. And I always wanted to have my own business quite early on. We started our business when I was 23 and Camilla was 21. Relatively young, figuring out what we wanted to pursue what we wanted to do.


ES: How does it feel now that it’s been more than a decade since you launched Camilla and Marc?

MPF: Really good. But we’re just getting started, there’s so much to do . It takes a while to develop a signature and aesthetic and understand your customer and as you continue to ____ and continue to open stores and design a lot more beautiful product. We got footwear to design, the collection goes into stores in Australia next month.

ES: When will the shoes be in Asia?

MPF: Soon.

ES: What about menswear?

MPF: We definitely want to design menswear in the future.

ES: You took up engineering in college, how does that influence your work?

MPF: I’m More so influenced by things that I see, and things that inspire us. The zeitgeist of our time. It’s important to interpret what’s going on in and around you and the world. As well drawing back on historical notes.. My engineering background has probably allowed me to think very laterally and help w the construction of garments and the development of the business. And informed processing which I would design moreso than the actual design.


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