— October 14, 2014 —

Paris Fashion Week SS15: TELA at Tranoi

TELA has always been an Electric sekki favourite for girls who prefer a more understated and fuss-free approach to dress, while other elements such as luxurious fabrics and quality construction take centre stage with their style.  For Spring/Summer 2015, TELA delivers all of this with undeniable sophistication and taste.  We caught up with TELA's superstar couple, Andrea and Federica, at their busy booth in Tranoi Carrousel du Louvre during Paris Fashion Week to get a closer look at their collection and a deeper understanding of their inspiration this season.  The starting point for the collection was actually an excursion to Northern Italy with her husband and children to visit a mineral exhibition.  There, Federica was captivated by the properties of minerals and how they echoed both her approach to design and her approach to style.  Find out more about how minerals inspired TELA's Spring/Summer 2015 collection in our interview with the designer herself below.


Andrea and Federica Legrenzi of TELA.


Tell me about your spring collection and what inspired you.

It was really funny, we went to an exhibition in the north of Italy, which was one of the most important mineral shows.  We went just to show the children, and they kept on talking about the exhibition, "Please take us to the mineral show!"  So we went in the end, the whole family was really enthusiastic about this show.  It's really amazing, how nature can realise these colours, the transparency--the ideas that I approach every day with my fabrics!  And the colour palette was also very inspirational.  Every mineral is transparent, is pure, natural; TELA is very close to that, natural fabrics, no synthetic fibres.  Also because of the rendering of the colour, there is no Pantone that you can find which is this yellow, this blue.  We also played a lot, here and there, with this kind of iridescent print, which we have light blue and in gold.  We have linens over-washed in silver prints and in gold; the contrast is very cool.  Little touches here and there with the iridescence.  In that sense, it was very inspirational to me and, also, minerals in the traditional sense are used to give energy to people.  In general, there was a nice colour palette, which mixes the blue and the green, like nature and the sea, so it is this very cool, energetic combination.



How does being Italian influence your brand?

The collection is all sewn and manufactured in Italy.  90% of the fabrics are Italian.  The heritage and the heart of TELA I would say is 100% Italian.  This makes the difference with loads of stuff coming from Chinese market or Indian production that everybody is approaching because it's economically convenient, but doesn't give value to the quality.  Sometimes, there are a few ethnic influences everywhere, like the check, the florals, which is not a typical check but is something that is a little bit ethnic.  And also the necklaces.  But it's only because I want the collection to be a little bit more fun.  And, also, the embroidery has an Indian origin.  At the beginning, I bought this blanket for my bed and I really love that kind of embroidery, which comes from a specific region in Naples.  There are only, today, three villages which are still able to do this kind of embroidery, because it's doubled and it's handmade.  This for me, is playful embroidery, with the zebra, it's fun; it's something that makes the collection cool in a younger way.  Playful.



Tell me a little bit about the direction that TELA has taken in the past few years.

I think that, today, the most important thing is to be coherent.  TELA is feminine in a minimal way, so it needs a personality to be worn.  I think that the woman who is behind TELA is like this since the beginning.  I was talking to a very loyal customer of ours who said, today, with social network, advertising and marketing, women don't know what they want.  The TELA woman knows what she wants.  She doesn't overdress to show off.


If you could describe the TELA woman in three words, who would she be?

The TELA woman is me!  When I think about something, I think about something that I really want at that moment in my life.  When I think about a coat, I want to wear this coat, and that's why I design and why I studied this.  It's clear that TELA is feminine, but in a tough way.  It doesn't focus on legs or breasts; it's a kind of polite femininity.  Subtle.  And so it's a different way to be sensual or feminine.  If you have a good personality, you can wear this, otherwise you need to overdress.  And I think this is something in your personality.