— September 18, 2014 —

Newsflash: Chanel sneakers

We’re guessing Chanel boutiques and BLITZ Lane Crawford ifc mall will be busier than usual starting tomorrow with the arrival of the much anticipated Chanel sneakers from the Autumn/Winter collection.

Low or high like a boot, laced up until the knee, it comes in twenty different combinations of materials and colors. Read again: Twenty!  There are tweed in different effects (chevrons, woven, bouclé …), suede, in laminated, crackled or iridescent leather, and in distinct associations dominated by black and pink, orange, black and gold, red and green, pink and silver…

While we tend to gravitate towards the always-chic black and white combo, the bold and iconic colored options are without a doubt perfect statement shoes for the season...Decisions, decisions...

Combined Chanel High sneakers



Combined Chanel Sneakeres Low