— August 8, 2014 —

Best Bet - Sepa: Bàcaro Veneziano

Just in case you are wondering, we are not turning into a food blog but people who love fashion can love eating too!  Plus it is difficult for us not to share when we've found a new gem in town.  Cue in  Sepa: Bàcaro Veneziano, one of the latest new addition to the always buzzing food scene in Hong Kong.  We were won over on our very first visit to Sepa, which offers an enticing menu featuring a selection of cicheti, or Venetian equivalent of tapas.

Let's get right to the point and show you some of our favourite dishes from our meal, now let our foodsnaps be your guide:

Beetroot tartare - as delicious as it is beautiful, this is a total must-try
photo 13
Ravioli filled with veal cheek and parmigiana cheese, butter and thyme
photo 20
Risotto with broccoli, lemon and bell pepper mask - rich and creamy risotto balanced with just a hint of tanginess from the lemon
photo 24
Parma ham and burrata focaccia - probably one of the best focaccia in town!


We also love the relaxed ambience and interiors at Sepa, it also has outdoor seating but it was raining the night we went.  (more reason to be back!)
photo 2
Easy access adds to the charm of Sepa! It's conveniently located by the escalator on Caine Road
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