— July 11, 2014 —

Best bet - Deliciously Ella

Summer's rising temperature brings on the skin baring outfits and the skin baring outfits bring on a big reminder to get in shape!  And a good way to start is by eating healthy hence, for this week's best bet, we present you Deliciously Ella, a food blog dedicated to sharing healthy food inspiration along with easy-to-follow recipes that will give anyone a brand new perspective on healthy cooking and eating.

Check out our top picks from the blog for some delicious and easy recipes to try out this summer!

The Ultimate Blueberry & Banana Smoothie looks divine and berrylicious!!

energizing beetroot cucumber and ginger

Beetroot, Cucumber & Ginger juice - a total glassful of goodness

almond quinoa pumpkin seed bread with avocado and tomatoes

This supergood bread is made up of various seeds and herbs and topped with creamy avocado and tomatoes
Zucchini Noodles with minted avocado sauce
Zucchini noodles with a minted avocado sauce and mushrooms is as delicious as it is guilt-free!
Vegan Quinoa pizza crust
Vegan quinoa pizza crust topped with artichokes, rockets, tomatoes and olives is probably the healthiest pizza there is!

As far as we are concerned, no healthy diet is complete without desserts and one of the main reasons why we love Deliciously Ella is that there are tons of mouth-watering yet still extremely healthy dessert options on offer!

gluten free rice crispy treats
Made with brown rice, banana, almond butter, coconut oil, and cinnamon, this healthy version of the good old rice crispy treats is simply too good to be true
Cramy Summer ice lollies
We will be snacking on these creamy summer lollies throughout the summer!

Sweet potato Brownies

Who would have thought one can make brownies out of sweet potatoes?

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And for those who are feeling extra motivated, check out the Deliciously Ella app (available for iphone and android) which offers over 100 simple easy to follow recipes as well as a number of detox menus and plans.