— June 17, 2014 —

Newsflash: Superga x VERSUS VERSACE

The Italians are on a roll lately with their recent World Cup win against England, but for the record, the Italian team has won us over way before the game with their stylish arrival in Rio de Janeiro last week in their dashing Dolce Gabbana 3-piece suit that offers new meaning to travelling in style. And in Italian related news today, there's the exciting announcement of the collaboration between Superga and VERSUS VERSACE.

Combining an iconic print from the fashion label and the classic historical Superga 2750 model, the special edition exudes Italian heritage like no other. Featuring vivid colors and cut-up images such as baroque detailing, the Greek key, and of course the VERSUS VERSACE logo, these flashy multicolored kicks will add more than a dash of Italian flair to your outfit.

Due to hit store in early July, the Superga® x VERSUS VERSACE special edition (like all other  Superga® special edition) are only available in limited quantities in select locations in Hong Kong and China.  Contact Superga for more details.

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