— March 10, 2014 —

Best Bet: LuxTNT

For anyone living in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, with fashion changing at a speed knots, look no further than Hong Kong-based LuxTNT. Founded by three friends, Bobo, Rosemary and Tim, LuxTNT (a shortened version of Luxury Tonight) is an online luxury fashion rental platform which fulfils the trio’s dream to share their love of luxury fashion, making it easily accessible to everyone.  LuxTNT allows customers to rent authentic designer bags for a small fee (rental periods range from three days to a month) and the site boasts a selection of 100% authentic designer handbags.  Coveted ‘it’ bags can retail from HK$12,000-56,000, but with LuxTNT, customers can rent luxury handbags at just a fraction of the retail price.  The website is informative, well-organised into categories and easy to use.  They provided prompt service and hassle-free delivery and return of the item by a courier (all courier charges are included in the rental price). We were delivered a gorgeous Saint Laurent black cross-body bag with a gold tassel--the 'it' bag of the season!  We styled with a gold sass & bide dress for a Saturday night out with the girls.  It's our Best Bet of a great way to experience high fashion at a faction of the cost!  To learn more about this genius concept, we spoke to one of the co-founders and Creative Director of LuxTNT, Bobo, who let us in on some of her business and style secrets.


The package from LuxTNT that arrived for us to play with at the office!

Tell us a bit about how LuxTNT came to be, what inspired the business, who is involved and what inspired the name Luxury Tonight?

LuxTNT is the result of my dream to share my love of fashion with my friends and, now, all of Hong Kong's fashionistas. I started the business because I realised that Hong Kong lacked the fashion rental concept, which is quite popular in the US and the UK.  I discussed this idea with my friend Rosemary, who gave me valuable feedback and decided to join the team.  With over a decade of modelling experience in Hong Kong, I really trust her opinion.  I also convinced my third partner, Tim, to quit his banking job and join my start-up company.  We called the business Luxury Tonight (which we've shortened to LuxTNT for convenience's sake) because we offer free same-day delivery in Hong Kong.   You can literally enjoy luxury, tonight!


Our rental from LuxTNTSaint Laurent bag, perfect for a night out with the girls!

What were the three most important things to get LuxTNT up and running?

We just launched two-and-a-half months ago and we're elated at the positive reactions from our early customers.  Thank you, all!  If I had to pinpoint three major challenges we've faced, they would have to be:

  1. Inventory: we're constantly updating our inventory, practically every week, adding and removing bags to stay on trend.
  2. Introducing the concept: many people have heard of the rental concept from overseas, but some have not. We're working hard to answer the uncertainties and questions people may have, as well as to make the process as easy, fun and straightforward as possible.
  3. Talented employees: we're expanding quickly and need help! If any of you out there are or know any talented buyers, stylists or writers who want to join a growing start-up, let me know!

alexander mcqueen chanel

Some of the "it" bags on offer at LuxTNT.

What impact do you think the idea of ‘renting fashion’ will have on the fashion world?

Currently, many of the big brands are facing a lack of innovation and the quality of the goods are going downhill. Renting fashion invites people to focus more on quality and designs other than just a brand name. If the concept goes viral, the top brands will have to focus on innovative designs and customer service.  Hopefully, it will also encourage people to experience using real handbags rather than buying fakes.


Our bag arrived perfectly and in tip-top condition, ready to be taken out on a spin around town!

What current fashion trend irks you the most?

I don’t dislike any particular fashion trend but I definitely cannot stand seeing girls who put no effort into their outfit and simply carry an IT bag like Chanel 2.55 or Hermes Birkin.  It irritates me so much and sometimes I want to tell them money can not buy you class.  That’s another reason why we started LuxTNT.  We want Hong Kong girls to appreciate designs and quality instead of just following the trend of buying an expensive bag.

Proenza Schouler valentino


Some more of the bags on offer at LuxTNT.

What is your day-to-day style and look?

I have two very different styles; during the day, I don’t wear any make-up and wear comfortable clothes to my office.  In the night, I dress in bold colours, 5-inch heels and red lipstick.  It also says speaks to my personality.  I am a fashionista with a masters in math; crazy, but also practical!


We styled our Saint Laurent 'Cassandra' gold tassel cross-body bag in black with a gorgeous sass & bide dress for a Saturday night out with the girls!


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