— February 14, 2014 —

valentine's day special: juan-carlos aquino & coco marett

Fashion stylist Juan-Carlos Aquino and Senior Editor for The Antithesis Coco Marett would be a street-style photographer's heaven.  Why?  They make the perfect complimentary couple-style shot.  You know the ones we mean.  We've all seen them on sites like the Sartorialist, immortalising their insanely complimentary styles in eternity.  Their relationship is much like their fashion tastes: they are the perfect compliment to one another.  Two peas in a pod, one might even say.  As Coco says, they are more than just a boyfriend-and-girlfriend, they are each other's "homie, everything."  Aw!  Their relationship is perfection and, of course, their style is totally killer, too.  See more from this hipper-than-hip, cuter-than-cute couple below and find out more about how their fashion choices have influenced each other (and their relationship, too)!.
Juan-Carlos Aquino & Coco Marett.

Tell us how you met.

Carlo: We met at the XXX through mutual friends, somehow our friends had known the both of us for like a year or so and Coco and I just never crossed paths until then. I remember nudging my friend and pointing her out with my eyes while saying, "Denim shirt!" I asked her to coffee, she said yes, and ever since then I haven't been able to tear myself away.
Coco: We met at XXX through friends and have been inseparable since. Unless I’m out of town, I see him every day. He’s my boyfriend, homie, everything.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Carlo: Can't say, it'll ruin the surprise.
Coco: He’s got something up his sleeve.
Juan-Carlos Aquino.

What was Coco's style like when you met her?

Carlo: Very Melbourne (Australia), kind of a girly street, slightly boho look. A mix of everything, but with a sexy twist.

Carlo, do you think your style has been influenced by Coco at all?

Carlo:  Honestly, I don't know. I've been known to have a pretty distinct style and buying gifts (clothing) for me is probably the hardest thing anyone could do for me unless I've told them exactly what I want. I'm pretty hard-headed when it comes to my personal fashion style. However, I can't take my eyes off her and want her to feel the same way, so I guess it has been!

What was Carlo's style like when you met him?

Coco: I was always – and still am – impressed by the way Carlo dresses. I would describe his style as… a good balance of 90’s street, but polished thanks to his love of high-end fashion. He really knows how to throw sh!t together.

If you could dress Coco in anything, Carlo, what would you have her wear?

Carlo: She already does this: I'm a sucker for crop tops right now and she has plenty! I guess I love when she gets G'd up a little so maybe a combination of crop tops and some gangster sh!t.
Coco Marett.

Coco, do you think your style has been influenced by Carlo at all?

Coco: I ask him to style me when I’m getting ready and am too lazy to figure something out myself – I mean, what good is a stylist boyfriend if he can’t be your personal stylist too, right? – and he always puts something together out of things I’ve always had but in a way I wouldn’t think to. He’s definitely given me a fresh perspective.

If you could dress Carlo in anything, Coco, what would you have him wear?

Coco: This amazing Mihara Yasuhiro tee he’s had his eye on because it would totally make his day.

Would you say that your styles are similar, complementary or completely opposite?

Carlo: Our styles are similar in the way that we don't have one distinct style; we both are influenced by different genres and combine different looks, but we do it differently from each other, so we are more complimentary than anything else. She makes me look good.
Coco: Complementary. We like similar things, but we definitely don’t dress similarly.
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