— February 14, 2014 —

valentine's day special: grace lam & jason capobianco

If there was ever a couple made in fashion and Formula 1 racing heaven, it's Grace Lam and Jason Capobianco.  That's right: fashion and Formula 1 racing.  Now, that's a mixture you don't find often!  But, somehow, the heavens aligned and these two met each other in Hong Kong.  As the Senior Fashion Style Editor for Vogue China, Grace Lam has impeccable unique personal style and a keen eye for upcoming design talent.  As an international jet-setting fashion and beauty photographer, Jason Capobianco has worked with all the top names in the business.  This happy couple recently welcomed an adorable 5-month old son, Theo (whom they affectionally refer to as BBT on their various popular social media feeds) and they've already begun inducting him with weekend sessions of Formula 1 racing coverage.  In addition to their diverse interests, Grace and Jason are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in the fashion industry.  Personality and talent: now that's the ultimate package!  And times two, with this couple!
Vogue China Senior Fashion Style Editor Grace Lam and international fashion & beauty photographer Jason Capobiano on their wedding registry day.
Photo by Wing Shya.

Tell us how you met.

Grace: Jason and I met at the Hong Kong Vogue office.  Some mutual friends put him in touch with me and he came to the office to show me his work.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Grace: Spending our Valentine's Day with our 5-month old son Theo, aka 'BBT'

What was Jason's style like when you met him?

Grace: Casual and stylish, but not OTT.

Grace, do you think your style has been influenced by Jason at all?

Grace: Nope, because I know what suits me the best!

How has Jason's style evolved over the years?

Grace: Hmmm, it's a rotation of a black tee to a grey tee to a white tee...would that count as an evolution?  Actually, Jason dresses pretty well, so I don't really have to style him too much.  Thank god he is not one of those men that spends too much time on himself. I think it is such a turn off when men spend too long dressing up!

If you could dress Jason in anything, Grace, what would you have him wear?

Grace: His birthday suit, for sure!  Haha!  Aside from that, I think super sharp suits by Tom Ford, he looks so wicked in fine-cut suits.

What was Grace's style like when you first met her?

Jason: Well, she claims that she don't remember, but she wore a micro-miniskirt the day I met her.

Jason, do you think your style has been influenced by Grace at all?

Jason: Yes, I ask for Grace's advice, but I don't always listen!  Haha.

How has Grace's style evolved over the years?

Jason: Well, she always knows what to wear to different occasions and her style can be quite diverse. One day she dresses like a rock chick, and the next day she will be very sophisticated, but always with a London twist.  She definitely has a strong British influence from having lived there for many years.

If you could dress Grace in anything, Jason, what would you have her wear?

Jason: McQueen Couture before Alexander passed away.

Would you say that your styles are similar, complementary or completely opposite?

Grace: We don't do unisex outfits, that is just too lame and too Honky!  We definitely complement each other as we both dress in a very subtle but chic way.
Keep up with Grace Lam on Instagram at @gracelamf1 and Jason Capobianco on Instagram at @jasoncapobianco.