— September 9, 2013 —

back to school with havaianas

Got the back to school blues? Fight them off by treating yourself to a new pair of printed Havaianas. For the entire month of September, simply present your student ID card at our Havaianas Hong Kong counters to receive a super-special 20% discount on all printed Havaianas styles. Heading back to school is a toughie for everybody--let's face it, we'd all much rather spend our days veg-ing out at home, watching our favourite movies, or heading for a tan sesh at the beach. Unfortunately, however, life goes on, and so does school! Well, at least until you graduate. And until then, you've got this super awesome Havaianas Back-to-School deal to tide you over. Good luck in the new school year, everybody!

Present your student ID card to get a special 20% discount on printed Havaianas styles.

If only school was anything like the movie Clueless, perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad...