— February 26, 2013 —

style jam: the 90's

"My personal style and styling work, I think, is quite different. There's always a bit of me in each shoot, regardless - I can't really help it, it's my signature - but, for my personal style, I can't really go as crazy as what I would do for a shoot. You can go as creative and silly and stupid as you want in a photo shoot, actually, but the way that I do it is I always put myself in it. I always think, 'If I was living this concept, if I was in that world, how would I do it? How would I push it further?' My personal style, though is toned down. You can't really walk around wearing such crazy things all day, every day. There's definitely a time and a place for it. I have special pieces that I will wearoccasionally, but that's what keeps them special, I guess."

Carlo wears a ksubi shirt, ksubi denim jacket and ksubi printed jeans.

Carlo wears a pair of iconic House of Holland sunglasses.

A close-up look of these printed ksubi jeans.

Carlo's always been a master of layering. He expertly mixes this exaggerated-length shirt under a shorter denim jacket.

The washed-out eagle detail on this classic ksubi denim jacket channels 90's era fashion style, of which Carlo is a big fan.

"My style is more of a high-street thing. I've always had a real street influence and a sort of a 90's thing going on, growing up in the 90's. I never let it go! That's always stuck with me and, with the timing now, as well, with everyone digging the whole 90's thing, it's awesome for me! I can just continue to dress the way I do, but it's given me years of practice, as well. I've definitely got a real street vibe, but I try to keep it chic at the same time. I'm not doing anything too avant-garde; I'm not wearing skirts or anything like that. I still love my high-end designers, as well, so I try to incorporate the two."
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