February 2013

— February 27, 2013 —

style jam: print-on-print

"Today, I just had some fun with it, you know? The looks I put together are mix between my personal style and the way I would style a shoot, as well. There are things that I did in this shoot that I might not necessarily do, like wearing head-to-toe matching print, but after seeing it today on camera, I might do it one day. It was kind of like a cool little test to see what I can try, eventually, if I was outside on the street just every day. It was cool having fun with those brands and just playing around with it. Myfavoritepieces were the ksubi printed tee and shorts--the combo together. I loved the tee and seeing the shorts today was awesome, so now I want to buy them both!"

Carlo goes all-out in ksubi.

Carlo wears a ksubi tee, ksubi printed denim shorts anda ksubi denim coat.

A close-up of the killer print on these ksubi pieces from their hit AD/BC collection.

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— February 26, 2013 —

style jam: the 90's

"My personal style and styling work, I think, is quite different. There's always a bit of me in each shoot, regardless - I can't really help it, it's my signature - but, for my personal style, I can't really go as crazy as what I would do for a shoot. You can go as creative and silly and stupid as you want in a photo shoot, actually, but the way that I do it is I always put myself in it. I always think, 'If I was living this concept, if I was in that world, how would I do it? How would I push it further?' My personal style, though is toned down. You can't really walk around wearing such crazy things all day, every day. There's definitely a time and a place for it. I have special pieces that I will wearoccasionally, but that's what keeps them special, I guess."

Carlo wears a ksubi shirt, ksubi denim jacket and ksubi printed jeans.

Carlo wears a pair of iconic House of Holland sunglasses.

A close-up look of these printed ksubi jeans.

Carlo's always been a master of layering. He expertly mixes this exaggerated-length shirt under a shorter denim jacket.

The washed-out eagle detail on this classic ksubi denim jacket channels 90's era fashion style, of which Carlo is a big fan.

"My style is more of a high-street thing. I've always had a real street influence and a sort of a 90's thing going on, growing up in the 90's. I never let it go! That's always stuck with me and, with the timing now, as well, with everyone digging the whole 90's thing, it's awesome for me! I can just continue to dress the way I do, but it's given me years of practice, as well. I've definitely got a real street vibe, but I try to keep it chic at the same time. I'm not doing anything too avant-garde; I'm not wearing skirts or anything like that. I still love my high-end designers, as well, so I try to incorporate the two."
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— February 26, 2013 —

style jam: juan-carlos aquino

In our first male-only Style Jam, we had the pleasure of working with the very stylish and incredibly cool Juan Carlos-Aquino. As a buyer for concept store Konzepp and a freelance stylist, Carlo has a killer unique style of his own that really sets him apart from others in Hong Kong. His keen eye for fashion and (somewhat) daily outfit choices are all chronicled on his blog, Pronounced [Stahyl]., but be warned: it's an addictive blog that will suck you in and keep you clicking "Older Posts" for hours! Every time we see this guy, he's always got something really special and interesting going on that we've rarely seen worn by his male peers. Carlo's got a really specific eye for what he likes, what he wants and what suits him well. In this three-part Style Jam series, Carlo puts together a trio of looks from the showroom and tells us a little bit about his personal style ethos.

Carlo wears an Insight 51 shirt, ksubi denim shorts and a ksubi sweatshirt over his shoulders, his own sneakers, beanie and jeans.

"I do the buying for Konzepp, which is alifestylespace focusing on different unique designs and things that aren't so readily available in Hong Kong; it's a platform for designers and upcoming artists to show their work. For me, it goes hand-in-hand with styling, being a buyer, because you really always have to be on top of your trends and it's all about knowing your market. The only challenge with the job is to find those new brands! You have no idea where to begin, because the idea is, 'How do you find a brand that no one knows exists and you can't yet find it in Hong Kong?' How? By sitting on the internet for a very long time. Goingthroughblogs, magazines, everything. Even things like, if I seesomethingon somebody that I've never seen before walking by, I'll actually go up to them and find out where they got it from. 9 times out of 10 it's not in Hong Kong, so it's a really good way for me to find out about new brands."

"With the brands that we've come across, there has been a lot that I have really loved. This isn't a recent brand that I've found and it's actually one that I've been following a lot, since when I was in Australia, but it's still not available here and now we're picking it up; it's called Wood Wood. It should be coming in within the next week. Both men and women. Something like that is something that I've always been really supportive of."

We love the contrast between these punk-inspired faded cross print denim shorts from ksubi and the slightly bohemian beach-bum floral print of this Insight 51 shirt.

The view from behind: just as great as the view from the front!

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— February 25, 2013 —

oh, the oscars!

The Oscars are here! Although the award ceremony is currently still going on as we write this, the best part of the evening (a.k.a. the red carpet) is over. The Oscars are the most glamourous of the awards shows when all the actresses really pull out the stops, but they also tend to be the most boring. The dresses this year was definitely on the tame side, but the ladies looked stunning, nonetheless. Here are some of Electric sekki's top picks from the evening. Who was your favourite?

Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive, looking like a real life JessicaRabbit. I mean, how perfect is this look? It's got all the glamour of Old Hollywood without looking too boring or passe. The hair and make-up is divine. This is how a a movie star should look!

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu. Kerry has been wearing lots of Miu Miu recently and we really like the brand on her. It's feminine to match her classic good looks, with just the right amount of quirk to keep her from looking predictable.

Samantha Banks in a so far uncredited dress. The Les Miserables star went minimal and sleek with this look and we love its simple modernity amidst the sea of over-the-top pouffy, sugary, sequined gowns.

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille couture. Another slightly more daring selection. The layered white-to-black mermaid hemline feels modern and is smartly juxtaposed against the ruffles on the bust. Not a huge fan of her footwear choice though...

Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen. Love this dress on Amanda, but not a huge fan of hair. It all looks too voluminous on top; something sleeker would have been nice.

Anne Hathaway in Prada. Though we're not that keen on the dress and we feel like Anne really could have pulled off something terrific here, we appreciate that she took a risk and opted against a predictable ruffled, sequined concoction and chose this simpler look instead.

Jennifer Gardner in Gucci Premier. Though it was her husband Ben Affleck that was nominated, Jennifer really looked divine in this ruffle-backed column gown. The purple-y hue perfectly complements her smooth, pale skin.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture. Though Jennifer has so far been softly criticized for wearing such a's imple' gown, we actually love that she went with a pared-down look. Adding layers of diamonds and crystals would have made her look too princess-y. We think Jennifer looks fresh-faced and modern here.

Jennifer Hudson in Roberto Cavalli. And, on the total opposite side of the spectrum, we have this Cavalli creation, which actually works wonderfully with Jennifer's angular bangs, honey skin and svelte physique.

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive. Possibly one of the most daring looks of the evening. Although the masses may have troubles stomaching the asymmetric neckline of this gown, it actually works wonderfully on Naomi's figure and adds an unexpected twist to what could have potentially been an otherwise boring gown.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. Some may think the look is boring. We think it's classic Jen. The punchy red colour, the fitted bustier and the strapless neckline are trademark Aniston. And she looks just as wonderful in the look now as she did circa 1999 on Friends.

Charlize Theron in Dior Couture. Let's face it: Charlize looks divine. Real movie star quality. However, it's a little too reminiscent of Anne Hathaway's Chanel gown from the Golden Globes not too long ago...

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