January 2013

— January 31, 2013 —

a twist on twenty8twelve

Twenty8Twelve has taken a quirky twist for Spring/Summer 2013; its new designers are taking the brand in a new, edgier direction. With recurring elements which included micro-dots, ruching and sorbet colours, the look at Twenty8Twelve is full of sweet summer dresses, micro short-shorts and loose-fit trousers. They've also greatly expanded their denim range to include items with super-fine, laser-etched patterns, all in that soft worn-in feeling.

— January 30, 2013 —

ksubi: AD/BC men's

If you men out there caught our post yesterday on ksubi's Summer 2013 AD/BC women'slook bookand felt a touch jealous, then you'll be happy to hear that an equally amazing set of shots was created for the AD/BC men's line, too. Featuring similar baroque inspirations as the women's line, these menswear pieces were designed with ksubi's signature laid-back attitude andunwaveringsense of cool. All our favourite prints from the women's line were done up in men's styles, too so, for all you matchy-matchy couples out there, there's never been a better time to coordinate your outfits! We swear, in these clothes, you couldn't ever look anything less than achingly cool.

— January 28, 2013 —

ksubi: AD/BC women's

ksubi's Summer 2013 collection was all about baroque gone bad. Taking inspiration from gilded elements you'd see in 17th century Parisien palaces, ksubi put their own street-spin on these classical motifs. With a campaign and look book styled by street style superstar and Vogue Australia fashion editor, Christine Centenera, shot on location in - you guessed it - Paris, each piece is highly-covetable and embodies ksubi's trademark urban, edgy style. Take a look at the campaign images below and lust away, ladies!

— January 28, 2013 —

sass & bide takeover

Yep, you read that right. sass & bide is being taken over. Well, their social media accounts are, at least. Starting on 28 January, sass & bide's , blog and Twitter accounts will be operated by a mysterious, gorgeous young lady. Can you guess who she is? Here are a couple of hints for you: she's got over seven million followers across her various social media platforms, she recently admitted that she is a jehova's witness, she's known for her quirky poses and mile-long legs, and she's been known to Irish-dance her way down the catwalks. Who do you think it could be? Head to sass & bide's website to find out!

Experience the full take over from 28 January at sass & bide 's website.

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