June 2012

— June 29, 2012 —

in full bloom

It's not uncommon for exotic plants and flowers to inspire the fashion and make-up industries; the vivid colours and intricate patterns you can find on some of nature's masterpieces are undeniably mesmerising. That's why we love this Vogue Nippon beauty editorial, where they took that relationship to the next level, incorporating orchid overlays on top of the model's flora-inspired make-up. It's a quintessentially summery spread, with a sensual twist, and it's definitely gotten us in the mood for plum, citrus and crimson lipstick shades for the coming season.


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— June 27, 2012 —

tokyo grunge

Some of our readers might already know that Stylestalker's Sue-Ann San is not only an incredibly talented designer, she is also pretty amazing at styling, too! Sue-Ann often pairs up with her close friend, blogger-slash-photographer-slash-model, Zanita,to create some of our favourite internet exclusive editorials we've seen. Their latest partnership comes in the form of a story entitled Tokyo Grunge ; as the name suggests, the styling of the shoot is somewhat of a melting pot of 90's American grunge influences and poppy Japanese hairstyling. We are loving the results!

Stylestalker skirt.

Stylestalker shirt (left), Stylestalker dress (right).

Stylestalker shirt (left, around waist), Stylestalker body (right).

Stylestalker body.

See the full Tokyo Grunge spread shot by Zanita and styled by Sue-Ann here.

— June 26, 2012 —

the perfect fit

We've had our eyes on Aimee Song from Song of Style for a long time now and we've always thought she's a One Teaspoon girl, so we were thrilled when we recently began to see the brand featured on her blog quite frequently. We see the One Teaspoon girl as someone whom all the girls want to be and all the boys want to meet, and Aimee perfectly fits this description. One Teaspoon is also the perfect outfitter of her sunny, colourful Californian lifestyle, filled with short hems, relaxed fits and sexy twists. People sometimes forget that One Teaspoon is more than just everyone's favourite purveyor of denim cut-offs, they've got an incredible fashion line, too; and now, thanks to Aimee, it seems that no one will ever forget that again!

Aimee in a One Teaspoon skirt.

Aimee in a One Teaspoon dress.

Aimee in a One Teaspoon dress.

One Teaspoon is currently exclusively available in Hong Kong at I.T


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— June 22, 2012 —

best bet: callixto pop-up

Callixto is one of our favourite new Hong Kong finds: a delightful online shop which sources unique pieces from exotic street markets all over the world, and sells them on one easy-to-use platform. In celebration of summer, Callixto has opened a pop-up store for three days only (the first day was yesterday, so just two days left). If you're like us and you get jealous every time a friend comes back from a fabulous holiday with a wristful of new exotic baubles from a faraway land, then Callixto will become your new best friend. Be jealous no more! Callixto's founder, Sasha Denning, has impeccable taste and a discernable eye; her sourcing travels take her everywhere from Indonesia and Thailand to India to Turkey and beyond, scouring markets for the best pieces she can find. This pop-up is definitely out Best Bet for the weekend; fake an exotic holiday getaway, stock up on a trunkful of unique jewels for summer.

Some of the exotic necklaces styles Callixto has sourced from markets all over the world.

Callixto's Sasha Denning scouring through foreign street markets for unique finds.

To learn more about Callixtoand shop their collections, visit their website here.


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