— March 1, 2012 —

paris, j'adore

In Paris for Fall 2012 fashion week! If you ever go to Paris, on the first day you arrive, it's always best to plan as little as possible. Go for long strolls around your hotelneighborhood, stuff yourself with tasty pastries, and, well, inevitablyshop. A lot. Paris is a truly beautiful city and its beauty is amplified each fashion season with the hundreds of models that you see around the city. Fashion week here officially kicked off on Tuesday, but many haven't arrived in from Milan yet, so the streets aren't quite as crazy yet as they will be in the next coming days. So, for now, let us take you through our stroll through the city, picture-by-picture. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter & Facebook for more current updates on how we're going here in Paris!

Going to Paris is an excuse to pig out on pastries. Nowhere else are they more delicious than here in Paris. A pain suisse is a delicious buthorrifyinglyfattening pastry stuffed with chocolate chips and custard; but when you're in Paris, the calories don't count, right?

Most shops in Paris open between 10-10.30 am, but Prtintemps opens at 9.45. Printemps is separated into several different buildings, each containing: beauty products, menswear, womenswear and home furnishings. We love this Tom Dixon window which was created in partnership with the Printemps team.

If you only have time to go shopping in one area, without a doubt, you should head to Boulevard Haussman. This is where you will find Printemps and Galleries Lafayette, which stock all the major and cult brand. There are also high street shops such as Zara and H&M nearby. Head to Sephora for your beauty fi