— March 28, 2012 —

cut it off

An equally valid title for this post could have been "hot chicks in cut-offs" but we're afraid that might garner some unwanted, unrelated Google-search traffic, so we've opted with a slightly less risque-version instead. But the message of this post is clear: girls look undeniably cool in itsy-bitsy cut-off denim, and alluring in a way that only nonchalant pieces such as these can deliver. And honestly, if you're going for a pair of distressed cut-off shorts, really no one does it better than One Teaspoon. Dress them up with a fitted jacket and ankle boots or throw them on with your favourite pair of Superga sneaks if you're more of a relaxed-casual type. Whatever your style, these babies look good on everyone. Literally.

One Teaspoon is available in Hong Kong exclusively at I.T