— February 15, 2012 —

resist revolt rebel

Leave it to One Teaspoon to create a 'revolution' narrative around their latest collection. Resist. Revolt. Rebel. is One Teaspoon's latest offering for Spring 2012 and along with it comes a short film directed by Taylor Steele, starring Krystal Glynn, who's being touted as 'Australia's answer to Kate Moss'. I mean, does it get better than that? A revolution takes a group of courageous souls, here led by the gorgeous Glynn; fighting for something anti-establishment, here dressed as a denim-wearing cult. Shot in Australia's gorgeous Byron Bay on a moody day, the outcome is uniquely different from many of the 'fashion films' you see nowadays; instead of focusing too much on the clothing, Steele's film evokes more of a feeling, a mood, an emotional connection to what the greater collection might be about. It's a refreshing take on the 'fashion film', so definitely check it out below.