— December 29, 2011 —

lana or marisa

A few months ago, our marketing manager, Sam, developed an obsession with the images of Yves Saint Laurent's long-time muse, Marisa Berenson. Simultaneously, those in our office have also recently developed a major girl-crush on retro songstress, Lana Del Rey. Yves SaintLaurent went through a period in the 70's when he becameenamoredof a certain kind of beauty: that tragic, mysterious, gorgeous girl whose motto seemed to be live fast, die young. Well, Lana Del Rey very much seems to be channelling Marisa Berenson lately with a hedonistic (and tragic) music video for her new single, Born to Die. She even goes so far as to emulate one of Berenson's most iconic images, with a headpiece made out of large flowers in her hair. So we ask you: who wore it best? Lana or Marisa? Decide for yourself. Whatever the answer is, we think this is a sure sign of a new trend brewing...

Lana Del Rey performs her latest single, Born to Die.

Marisa Berenson in her version of a flowery headpiece.